Certis - insecticide

A fast acting, contact pesticide in a soluble concentrate formulation containing 49% w/w of Maltodextrin for the control of spider mites in all outdoor and protected crops

Crops: All outdoor and protected crops
Maximum individual dose: 25ml per litre of water sprayed to run off
Maximum number of treatments: 20 per crop
Latest time of application: No restrictions
Other specific restrictions: The maximum concentration must not exceed 25 ml of product per 1 litre water

IMPORTANT: This information is approved as part of the Product Label. All instructions within this section must be read carefully in order to obtain safe and successful use of this product.

Mode of action:
Majestik has a physical mode of action, blocking the spiracles of the pest leading to suffocation and will give high levels of control from multiple applications. The maximum effect will normally be seen within 2-4 hours after application. Further mortality will then only be seen following repeat applications. Application rate: 25ml of Majestik per litre of water

IMPORTANT: Majestik has a contact mode of action. Ensure good coverage and contact of pest. Spray to run off. Ensure that the plant is thoroughly covered, paying special attention to the underside of leaves and to growing points. Majestik is most effective in quick drying conditions.

Spraying Technique: For pesticides to work effectively it is important to get good crop coverage. Frequently cases of supposed pesticide failure are actually the result of poor crop coverage.

Handheld applicators: A hand lance is recommended. For best results use a flat fan nozzle. Target spray to the underside of leaves and to growing points.

Boom sprayers: Application rates in the region of 2,300 to 2,500 l/ha (1000 l/acre) applied with 80o flat fan nozzles, spaced 30cm apart with an operating pressure of 2.5 to 3.0 bar. Angle the nozzle 45o upwards from the horizontal on the boom. At a nominal walking speed of 1 m/s this can be achieved with a nozzle flow rate of 1.2 l/min. For this, the nozzle type ‘03f80’ is needed.
Spider mites migrate to the top of the plant canopy as the season progresses. Therefore to target this area it is important to match the height of the boom/spray to the height of the canopy.

Mixing: Fill sprayer with half the required volume of water (using mains water) and commence agitation. Add measured quantity of Majestik. Complete filling of sprayer with water to the required volume. Ensure product is thoroughly mixed before application.

Storage: Do not store diluted product, always use immediately after mixing. Store concentrate at ambient temperature in a dry place
Zero day harvest interval and zero re entry period.

Phytotoxicity: No phytotoxic effects have been recorded on a small range of crops including young cucumber plants and ornamentals. The only phytotoxic effect recorded was on the delicate cyclamen flowers. Because of the diversity of crops that may be treated, it is important that a few plants should be tested before treating wider areas. Avoid application to the flowers of ornamental species. A sticky residue may be left on fruit such as tomatoes.

Non-Target organisms and Integrated Pest Management: Due to Majestik’s physical mode of action it can have adverse effects on beneficial insects which are hit. However once dried beneficial insects can be reintroduced into the area. Any adverse effects will be minimal if the product is used as a hot spot treatment, blanket treatments will have a more severe impact on beneficial insects. MAJESTIK IS A RISK TO NON-TARGET INSECTS OR OTHER ARTHROPODS

Pollination and Bees: Safety to bees foraging within the crop during application has not been demonstrated, as such growers should therefore ensure that bees are not foraging in the crop during application.