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A granular systemic nematicide/insecticide containing 15% w/w ethoprophos which is applied to the soil using recommended types of granule applicators for the control of potato cyst nematode, reduction in wireworm damage and incidence of spraing on all varieties of potatoes.
Ethoprophos is an organophosphate. Handle with care.

IMPORTANT: This information is approved as part of the Product Label. All instructions within this section must be read carefully in order to obtain safe and successful use of this product.

Mocap 15G is used to control potato cyst nematode and for reduction in wireworm damage on all varieties of potatoes. Moca p 15G will reduce the incidence of spraing transmitted by free-living nematodes.

Above ground spillage of granules must be avoided! Moca p 15G is a granular product against nematodes and soil insects. It must be applied evenly and incorporated into the soil for obtaining good efficacy

Rates of Use
Seed potatoes, ware and starch potatoes, used as a row planting treatment against Globodera pallida (the white potato cyst nematode). For partially resistant potato varieties, the product can be applied in furro w during planting, with the help of equipment built on the planting machine, on a strip having a width of 25-30 cm.
Dosage: 16 kg per ha

Seed potatoes, ware and starch potatoes, used as a soil treatment against wireworms and cutworms. The product should be applied full-field immediately before planting the potatoes. Incorporate the granules evenly into the soils immediately after spreading with the usual equipment for preparing the soil for planting the potatoes.
Dosage: 26 kg per ha

Harvest Interval
Latest timing of application is pre-planting of crop. Do not harvest potatoes until 12 weeks have elapsed from the time of Moca p 15G application.

Succeeding Crops
Do not plant leafy or tuber crops for consumption and feeding in treated fields within 9 months after application and no cereals should be grown in the next five months.

Moca p 15G can be used on all soil types. The control of potato cyst nematode and reduction in spraing and wireworm damage will be lower when Mocap 15G is used on organic soils. Control of nematodes and wireworms by Mocap 15G depends on having sufficient soil moisture to release the active ingredient into the soil spaces where the pests reside. Periods of drought after application of Moca p 15G may severely reduce the amount of pest control obtained, sometimes leading to unacceptable levels of damage

Where pre-planting populations of potato cyst nematodes are high, a loss of plant vigour and subsequent reduction in yield may still be noticed despite the use of Moca p 15G. In these conditions, it is recommended tha t only PCN tolerant varieties are grown, even then, vigour reductions might still be observed in some areas of the field. Consult your specialist adviser for further information. In fields where populations of wireworms are high, damage may still be noticed despite the use of Mocap 15G. Consult your specialist adviser for further information about wireworm risk assessment.

Broadcast shortly before or during the final soil preparations before planting. Distribute Moca p 15G evenly over the soil surface using a spreader calibrated to deliver the correct dose. Incorporate Moca p 15G into the soil immediately following application, preferably in the same operation. Efficacy will be reduced if not incorporated within one working day. If full incorporation cannot be completed within one working day, then immediately cover the granules by a light harrowing prior to full incorporation. To protect wildlife, check for spillages of granules on soil surface and where present they must be removed or buried before the end of the day. Recent trials work has shown good results from application of Mocap 15G using Microband ® applicators on the bed-tiller or webbed stone separator. Certis Europe do NOT recommend the application of Mocap 15G using microbands on Star separators.

Incorporate Mocap 15G evenly to the depth of planting, normally 10-15 mm. Deeper incorporation may reduce efficacy. One pass with a powered rotary cultivator is preferred. However, power harrows, discs, spring tines or Dutch harrows can be used provided that two passes at right angles are made. Where incorporation is made with stone separating equipment, efficacy will be reduced.

Filling the Hopper
Follow the instructions on the container.

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