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Contains 240g/l (21.1%w/w) 2,4DB and 40g/l (3.5%w/w) M.C.P.A. as a sodium/potassium salt.

For the control of a wide range of broad-leaved weeds, including Charlock, in all cereals, including undersown and direct re-seeds.

5 pints/acre (7 litres/hectare) of the product in 20–50 gallons/acre (220–550 litres/ha) of water using any convenient type of crop spraying equipment. Application should be made in good growing weather and not in cold weather, during drought or if rain is expected.

Spring Barley & Oats Spray from the two leaf stage of the crop, (growth stage 12) but before the first node detectable stage (growth stage 31). 
Spring Wheat: Spray from the 5 leaf stage (growth stage 15), but before the first node detectable stage (growth stage 31). 
Winter Wheat, Barley and Oats: Apply from leaf sheath erect stage of crop growth to before first node detectable stage (GS31). 
Cereals undersown with White and Red Clovers: Apply after the first trifoliate leaf stage provided the cereal has reached the specific stage of growth. With red clover, some leaf deformity may be observed but subsequent growth will be normal. 
Direct re-seeds: Apply after the first trifoliate leaf has appeared on the majority of the clovers, ensuring that the weeds are at the susceptible stage. 
Lucerne: Do not use on cereals undersown with lucerne or on seed mixture containing lucerne.

Registered for culturesRateBBCH
Winter wheat7 l1 - 31
Spring wheat7 l15 - 31
Spring barley7 l12 - 31
Winter barley7 l1 - 31
Spring oats7 l12 - 31
Winter oats7 l1 - 31
Grassland7 l0
Pasture7 l0