Giant green foxtail

Setaria viridis

Annual, tufted warm season grass, closely related to cultivated Setaria species for grain and forage use, originates from Eurasia.

Characteristic Features
Mature spikelets fall entire, leaf sheath and leaf blade virtually glabrous, green at the youth stage, during maturation red.

Young Plant
Youngest leaf is rolled.
Leaves about 20 cm (2 - 40 cm) (0.78 - 15.74 inch) long by 10 mm (4 - 25 mm) (0.147 - 0.98 inch).
Leaf-blade surface scaberulous; glabrous.

More-or-less erect, thin and hairless up to 70 cm, rarely 100 cm (27.55 inch, rarely 39.37 inch) high.

Leaves wide, flat, acuminate, light green, sometimes reddish-purple, drooping, distinctly but finely veined with prominent mid-vein below (keeled), mid-vein white or light green, scabrous above, usually glabrous below.
Ligule a fringe of hairs up to 2 mm (0.078 inch) long, fused at the base.
No auricles.
Sheaths slightly compressed, sometimes purplish at the base, the margins noticeably ciliate.

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