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BAYER - Insecticide
P 7529
Proteus is a highly effective contact and systemic insecticide providing excellent knockdown and residual control against thrips in onion crops and aphids, potato tuber moth and the potato/tomato psyllid in potato crops. Proteus contains the new O-TEQ formulation, that assists the coverage and retention on plant surfaces and the penetration and uptake of the active ingredient into the leaves. Proteus exhibits both systemic and contact movement allowing its active ingredients to protect new and difficult-to reach areas in the plant. Proteus controls all the major pests of potatoes, aphids, potato tuber moth, potato / tomato psyllid.Proteus delivers quick knock down and residual control of Onion thrips.Proteus's combination of active ingredients with OTEQ technology provides translaminar, systemic and contact activity, resulting in fast knockdown effect and long lasting residual control.Proteus's two active ingredients have different modes of action, making Proteus an excellent resistance management tool.

Insect Pest: Thrips
Use: 500 ml/ha and apply up to two consecutive applications once thresholds have been reached.  Apply in 500 - 600 L of water/ha and ensure good spray coverage. The addition of a wetting agent is recommended.

Insect Pest: Potato psyllid
Use: 650 ml/ha. Apply up to two applications at 7 day intervals as part of a programme in sufficient water to ensure good coverage of all foliage.

Insect Pests: Aphids, Potato tuber moth
Use: 500 ml/ha. Apply at first appearance and repeat at 14 - 21 days.

CropsBBCHRegistred normPreharvest Interval
Onions0 - 0500 - 50014
Potatoes0 - 0500 - 65014