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BASF - Herbicide

General Information
PYRAMIN DF is a soil acting herbicide, which controls germinating weeds by root absorption, during or shortly after weeds emerge. For optimum results, soil moisture should be adequate for good plant growth at the time of application. PYRAMIN DF may be incorporated to a depth of 2.5-6 cm prior to sowing beet crops in semi-arid regions. Do not apply over crops suffering from stress.

Mode of Action
PYRAMIN DF acts mainly through the roots of germinating weeds, which die within a few days of breaking the soil. As a post emergence treatment many weeds are susceptible up to the 2-leaf stage but subsequently become resistant.

Apply this product carefully. Spray drift may cause serious damage to other desirable plants.

Weeds controlled

Susceptible Weeds: Annual poa, black nightshade, charlock, chickweed, docks, fathen, galinsoga, groundsel, penny cress, rayless chamomile, redroot, speedwells, water purslane, wild carrots, wild radish, willow weed and winter cress.

Moderately Susceptible Weeds: Barnyard grass, cleavers, curled dock, fumitory, spurrey and summer grass. Weeds such as thistles, couch and all weeds grown past the 2-leaf stage are resistant to this chemical.

Measure the required amount of PYRAMIN DF and add directly into a partly filled spray tank with agitation operating. Complete filling and maintain agitation until spraying is complete. Companion products should be added after PYRAMIN DF is mixed into the spray solution.

Apply PYRAMIN DF in 200-900 litres of water per hectare through accurately calibrated boom spray equipment.

Drift Management
Avoid spray drift onto other crops or plants as they may be injured.

May be tank mixed with other commonly used pesticides. Add companion products after PYRAMIN DF is fully mixed into the spray solution.

For pre-emergence treatments the soil should be moist at treatment and rain is required soon after spraying to move the chemical into the germination zone of the weeds. Irrigation is recommended when applied under dry conditions. For post-emergence applications, 6 hours drying is preferable, but rain subsequent to this will benefit results.

Crop Rotations
Residues remain in the soil for 4-8 weeks. If treated areas must be replanted within this time, plant only maize, potatoes, sunflower, carrots, onions or spinach. Other crops will be injured.

Pyramin in Onions

PYRAMIN DF can be used very early post emergence, at flag stage.

PYRAMIN DF can be tank mixed with other herbicides for a broader spectrum of weed control.

PYRAMIN DF is an ideal companion in the herbicide programme with other BASF herbicides such as Frontier, Basagran & StompXtra. A typical programme could be:

Low toxicity. Acute oral LD50 (rat) 1160 mg/kg. Acute dermal > 2000 mg/kg.

First Aid
If swallowed, do NOT induce vomiting. For advice contact the National Poisons Centre 0800 POISONS (0800 764 766) or a doctor immediately. If skin or hair contact occurs, remove contaminated clothing and flush skin and hair with running water. Do not scrub the skin. If splashed in eyes, wash out immediately with water. If inhaled, move victim to fresh air immediately. Begin artificial respiration if breathing has stopped.

Store in original container, tightly sealed, away from seed and foodstuffs. Keep out of reach of children.

CropsBBCHRegistred normPreharvest Interval
Chives0 - 00.6 - 1.8-
Fodder beets0 - 04.5 - 78
Leeks0 - 01.2 - 1.8-
Onions0 - 00.6 - 1.8-
Red beets, beetroots0 - 04.5 - 78
Sugar beets0 - 04.5 - 78