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Sparta Insecticide, a unique insecticide for control of various pests in pasture, forage brassica, tree crops, and vegetables. The active ingredient of Sparta is spinetoram, a highly selective chemistry which is safe to use and compatible with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programmes. Translaminar movement through the leaf surface, short rain-fast period and extended residual control make Sparta a flexible, easy to use option ideal for New Zealand conditions.

Sparta can be applied with conventional ground-boom or orchard spraying equipment. Flush equipment thoroughly with clean water after use.

IMPORTANT: In order to select the appropriate nozzles for the required spray quality and tooperate the equipment to minimize spray drift, this product must be applied in accordance with the New Zealand Standard for the Management of Agrichemicals (NZS 8409).

Cleaning spray equipment:
After using Sparta: Empty the spray tank completely and drain the whole system. Thoroughly wash inside the unit using a pressure hose. Drain spray unit and clean any filters in the tank, pump, lines, hoses and nozzles.
After cleaning the spray unit as above, quarter fill with clean water and circulate the water through the pump, lines, hoses and nozzles. Drain and repeat the rinsing procedure twice.
Discard rinse water on land already sprayed or on wasteland away from water sources.

Pour the required quantity of Sparta into the partly filled spray tank and then add the remainder of the water, agitating thoroughly during filling. Agitate thoroughly during spraying and before spraying after a stoppage.

Wetters & spreaders: Latron B-1956 is the preferred wetter for use with Sparta. Where Latron B-1956 is substituted by another adjuvant, ensure that the alternative product is a reputable, horticultural grade wetter or spreader that has a known history of safe use on the target crop. Do not use Sparta in mixture with adjuvants that have potential to cause crop injury. Ensure any adjuvant substituted for Latron B-1956 has very similar wetting properties to Latron B-1956 at the recommended rates.
Sparta is compatible with most commonly used agrichemicals, including T-MAX, Radiate, Versatill PowerFlo, Gallant Ultra and glyphosate herbicides. Consult Dow AgroSciences for further information regarding compatibility.

Whenever possible use spray mix immediately after it is prepared. However, when weather conditions prevent immediate use, the spray mix may be stored for up to 72 hours without loss of activity. The spray mix must be stored out of direct sunlight. Before spraying after storage, thoroughly agitate the spraymix to ensure complete re-suspension of Sparta.

Avoid applications when rain is expected within 6 hours of spraying.

When applied during non-foraging periods, Sparta will not interfere with the activity of honey bees once the spray has dried. At least 3 hours drying time should occur before bee foraging is expected. At times when bees aggregate in large numbers outside the hive, ensure they are not directly contacted by the spray.

It is an offence for users of this product to cause residues exceeding the relevant MRL in the New Zealand (Maximum Residues Limits of Agricultural Compounds) Food Standards.
Potatoes: 7 days
Tomatoes: 7 days
Onions (bulb): 3 days
Vegetable brassicas: 3 days
Citrus: 14 days
Stonefruit: 3 days
Pipfruit: 7 days
Subtropical fruit: 14 days
Forage brassicas:
Meat: Do not cut for feed, or graze animals intended for slaughter within 14 days afterapplication.
Milk: Do not cut for feed, or graze animals for milk within 7 days after application.
Pasture treated with 20 ml/ha at spray-out:
Meat: Do not graze animals intended for slaughter within 3 days of application. Milk: Do not graze animals for milk within 1 day after application.
Pasture treated with 150 ml/ha at spray-out:
Meat and milk: Do not graze milking animals or animals intended for slaughter on treated pasture.
Refer to export industry withholding period charts for export produce.


CropsBBCHRegistred normPreharvest Interval
Apple trees0 - 00 - 07
Avocado0 - 00 - 0-
Citrus0 - 00 - 014
Kiwifruit0 - 00 - 014
Onions0 - 0500 - 5003
Passionfruit0 - 00 - 0-
Pasture0 - 020 - 150-
Pears0 - 00 - 07
Potatoes0 - 0375 - 5007
Tomatoes0 - 0375 - 5007