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BASF - Herbicide

General Information
This herbicide inhibits the enzyme acetolactate synthase in plants (ALS inhibitor). SPINNAKER can be used either pre- or post-emergence of the weeds. When the product is applied pre-emergence of the weeds, susceptible weeds may emerge but growth will be retarded and the weeds will either die or remain stunted and will not compete with the crop. Adequate soil moisture is important for optimum activity. When applied postemergence of the weeds, they will either die or remain stunted and will not compete with the crop. For use post-emergence of the weeds, a non-ionic surfactant must be added to SPINNAKER.

Follow Crops
Under conditions that do not favour the breakdown of this product, e.g. prolonged dry conditions, carry-over soil residues can affect susceptible follow crops. See FOLLOW CROP GUIDELINE.

Apply this product carefully. Spray drift may cause serious damage to other desirable plants. It is an offence to use this product in a manner that results in damage outside the treated property.

SPINNAKER mixes readily with both hard and soft water. Fill the spray tank to one half to three quarters full with clean water and then, with the agitation system operating, add the required amount of SPINNAKER and fill the tank up. When tank mixing SPINNAKER with other recommended compatible products, first add the other product to the half full spray tank and mix thoroughly before adding more water and then SPINNAKER.

Avoid overlaps when spraying. Apply in 200-300 litres/ha water using flat fan nozzles. Do NOT apply SPINNAKER under conditions (e.g. dead calm, excessive wind and/or small droplets) likely to cause spray drift onto wetlands or waterways, natural vegetation, crops other than specified on the label or land to be planted with susceptible crops. Thoroughly flush all spray equipment with water following use of SPINNAKER and before use with other products. Rinse water should NOT be discharged where it will reach streams, water bodies or natural vegetation.

Do NOT tank mix with selective post-emergence grass herbicides. Do NOT apply these herbicides following use of SPINNAKER until grasses have resumed active growth.

Crop Safety
This product may cause slight shortening of plant internodes and may in some circumstances lead to transient crop yellowing but plants soon recover and yield is unaffected. This effect may be more pronounced when the product is used under poor growth conditions or when white clover is beginning reproductive growth. Do NOT use SPINNAKER pre-emergence on seedling clover or lucerne. Should re-sowing of clover or lucerne be necessary, do NOT reapply SPINNAKER.

Follow Crop Guideline
Under conditions that do not favour breakdown of this product, carry-over soil residues can affect susceptible follow crops. As environmental and agronomic factors make it impossible to eliminate all risks associated with the use of this product, rotational crop injury is always possible. The following minimum follow crop intervals (months after application) should be observed (see label).

APPROVED HANDLER: This product must be under the personal control of an Approved Handler when applied in a wide dispersive manner or by a commercial contractor.

Do NOT carry more than one litre of this product on a passenger service vehicle.

Prevent any product from entering drains. Wear appropriate protective clothing. Absorb spill with an inert material (such as vermiculite, clay granules or synthetic absorbent) and place in a labelled, sealable container for disposal. Wash the spill area with water and detergent, then absorb the washings and place in the same sealable container. Dispose of the container in an approved landfill or under at least 50 cm of soil in a non-crop, non-pasture area away from water sources and homes.

Personal Protection
When mixing or applying, wear cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist, washable hat, impervious gloves, and face shield or goggles.

General Safety and Hygiene Measures
Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing and inhalation of spray mist. Wash splashes of concentrate from skin and eyes immediately. Do NOT eat, drink or smoke while using this product. Remove protective clothing and wash hands and exposed skin thoroughly with soap and water before meals and after work. Wash protective clothing immediately after use. Store work clothing separately.

Apply using well-maintained and accurately calibrated equipment. Do NOT allow spray drift outside the target area to occur. Do NOT spray over, or allow drift over, surface water such as ponds, waterways or drains. Clean out application equipment thoroughly after use. Do NOT contaminate water when disposing of equipment wash waters.

Record Keeping
Records of use must be kept if 3 litres or more is applied within 24 hours in a place where it is likely to enter air or water and leave the place.

Storage, application and record keeping must be as described in the current version of the New Zealand Standard for the Management of Agrichemicals NZS8409.

First Aid
If exposed or concerned get medical advice/attention. IF SWALLOWED: Do NOT induce vomiting. Rinse mouth. For advice contact the National Poisons Centre 0800 POISONS (0800 764 766) or a doctor. IF ON SKIN: Remove contaminated clothing and wash skin with plenty of soap and water. Do NOT scrub the skin. If skin irritation or rash occurs, get medical advice/attention. Wash contaminated clothing before reuse. IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. If eye irritation persists, get medical advice/attention.

Do NOT apply to very wet soils if rain is imminent or to soils prone to water logging.

Do NOT apply to crops or weeds under stress caused by factors such as root or foliar diseases, nutrient deficiencies, or extremes of temperature or moisture.

Store in original container, tightly closed away from foodstuffs. Do NOT store in direct sunlight. Stores containing more than 100 litres require emergency response plans and secondary containment systems, and are subject to signage. When stored appropriately this product should show no significant degradation for two years from the date of manufacture. Contact your supplier for further information about the use of product that is older than this.

CropsBBCHRegistred normPreharvest Interval
Alfalfa, Lucerne0 - 0400 - 40042
Clover0 - 0300 - 40042