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Resistance Management
SYSTIVA contains fluxapyroxad, a carboxamide fungicide from the SDHI (Succinate Dehydrogenase inhibitors) mode of action group  GROUP 7 FUNGICIDE .  Resistance to this fungicide and related GROUP 7 fungicides could develop from excessive use.  To minimise this risk use strictly in accordance with the label instructions and resistance management strategies that exist for any fungus listed on the label.  Apply no more than two GROUP 7 fungicides per season to crops grown from seed treated with SYSTIVA.  Refer to the NZCPR web site ( for more detailed information.

Direction for Use
IMPORTANT: All instructions within this section must be read carefully in order to obtain safe and successful use of this product.  SYSTIVA is a fungicide seed treatment for use in wheat and barley for the control of specified seed borne, soil borne and foliar diseases.

SYSTIVA can be applied sequentially or in conjunction with Kinto® Duo and imidacloprid or clothianidin based insecticide seed treatment formulations.

Mixing and Application
Agitate the product before use.  Mix the required amount of SYSTIVA with 5 to 10 litres of water and apply directly to one tonne of seed.  Use clean, calibrated seed treatment machinery.  Ensure thorough, even coverage of the seed.  Continuous flow or batch treatment machinery may be used. 


Withholding Periods
It is an offence for users of this product to cause residues exceeding the relevant MRL in the New Zealand (Maximum Residue Limits of Agricultural Compounds) Food Standards.

All cereals including cereal silage: Do NOT graze or cut for feed for 42 days after sowing.

This product must be under the personal control of an APPROVED HANDLER when applied in a wide dispersive manner or by a commercial contractor.

Prevent further spillage and product from entering waterways. Wear overalls, gloves, footwear and goggles. Sweep up spill and place in a labeled, sealable container for disposal. Wash the spill area with water and detergent, then absorb the washings and place in the same sealable container. Dispose of the waste safely in suitable landfill.

Personal Protection
When mixing and preparing spray, wear cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist, a washable hat, suitable gloves, and goggles or a face shield.

General Safety and Hygiene Measures
Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing. Avoid inhalation of dust or spray mist. Do NOT eat, drink or smoke when using this product. Remove protective clothing and wash hands and exposed skin thoroughly with soap and water before meals and after work. Wash protective clothing immediately after use. Store work clothing separately.

Store in original container, tightly closed, in a locked, dry, cool, well-ventilated place away from food and animal feeds. Keep away from heat and protect from direct sunlight. Stores containing 100 kg or more of this product require emergency response plans and secondary containment systems, and are subject to signage. When stored appropriately this product should show no significant degradation for two years from the date of manufacture. Contact your supplier for further information about the use of any product that is older than this. TRANSPORT: Do NOT carry this product on a passenger service vehicle.