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SYNGENTA - seed-treatment
FORMULATION & ACTIVE INGREDIENT: AUSTRAL PLUS is a flowable concentrate for seed treatment containing 10 g/litre fludioxonil and 40 g/litre tefluthrin.

TARGETS: Seed treatment for reducing damage by Wheat Bulb Fly and Wireworm and seedborne diseases and soil-borne Bunt in wheat, barley and oats.
IMPORTANT: This information is approved as part of the Product Label. All instructions within this section must be carefully read in order to obtain safe and successful use of this product.
AUSTRAL PLUS is a flowable concentrate in which the active ingredient tefluthrin is contained in micro-capsules. After drilling, tefluthrin is slowly released to provide a zone of protection around the treated seed during establishment. Tefluthrin is a nonsystemic soil acting pyrethroid which repels or kills the larvae of wheat bulb fly and wireworm attacking the crop below ground. Results from trials have shown AUSTRAL PLUS to be well tolerated over a wide range of sowing dates and conditions. However under adverse environmental or soil conditions, the germination capacity of seed may be reduced and therefore seed rates should be increased in accordance with good agricultural practice. AUSTRAL PLUS is effective against benzimidazole resistant and sensitive forms of Microdochium nivale.
Wheat Bulb Fly For the reduction of wheat bulb fly damage in wheat and barley. Where egg counts indicate a high risk of severe pest attack (more than 5 million wheat bulb fly eggs per hectare), a follow up spray (egg hatch or dead heart) may be justified. Wireworm For reducing damage by wireworm in wheat, barley and oats. AUSTRAL PLUS provides protection during emergence and early establishment against damage by wireworms feeding below ground. AUSTRAL PLUS reduces plant loss during establishment and improves crop vigour but is non-systemic and so may not prevent damage by wireworms attacking plants at the soil surface. Where there is a high risk of a severe attack by wireworm (e.g. populations exceed 1.25 million per hectare), apply a suitable follow up treatment.
Winter and Spring Wheat
AUSTRAL PLUS controls Microdochium nivale, Fusarium culmorum and Septoria nodorum resulting in reductions of seedling blight, stem base browning, snow mould and Septoria seedling blight and controls seed-borne and soil-borne common bunt (Tilletia caries).
Winter and Spring Barley
AUSTRAL PLUS controls Microdochium nivale and Fusarium culmorum resulting in reductions of seedling blight, stem-base browning and snow mould. AUSTRAL PLUS controls covered smut (Ustilago hordei) and gives partial control of leaf stripe (Drechslera graminea). The control of leaf stripe may not be sufficient for crops grown to produce seed for certification. Winter and Spring Oats AUSTRAL PLUS controls Microdochium nivale and Fusarium culmorum resulting in reductions of seedling blight and stem-base browning. AUSTRAL PLUS controls Pyrenophora leaf spot (Pyrenophora avenae).
For use on winter and spring varieties of wheat, barley and oats.
Before drilling.
Rates of Use
Apply 0.5 litre product per 100 kg seed
Latest Time of Application
Before drilling
AUSTRAL PLUS should be applied directly to the seed using conventional seed treatment equipment. Continuous flow treaters should be calibrated using AUSTRAL PLUS before use. The container should be connected to the seed treater suction hose using the dry break coupling provided. The product should be mixed thoroughly by re-circulation before application. The empty container should not be rinsed out but should be stored in a purpose built chemical store and subsequently returned to the supplier for refilling. The empty container should be treated as if containing product and transported in accordance with the advice in the Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Pesticides on Farms and Holdings.
Seed Quality
Do not use on seed with a moisture content above 16% or on sprouted, cracked or damaged seed. Use only good quality seed tested for viability using a suitable germination test before treatment.
Storage Of Treated Seed
Seed should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated building. Drill within 3 months of treatment.
Seedbed Preparation And Drilling
Seed treated with AUSTRAL PLUS may affect the flow rate of seed through drills. It is therefore important to check the calibration of the drill with AUSTRAL PLUS treated seed before drilling commences. Prepare a firm, even seedbed and drill to a depth of 2.5 - 4.0 cm . AUSTRAL PLUS is not known to have any adverse effect on seed germination or crop emergence but poor seed quality or seedbed conditions (waterlogged, capped, dry, fluffy or cloddy seedbeds) may result in delayed emergence and/or poor establishment. Similarly, avoid deep or shallow drilling which can adversely affect crop establishment and may reduce the level of pest control. Seed Spillages In case of seed spillage, clean up as much as possible into the related seed sack and re-use the clean seed. Bury the remainder completely. After Use Dispose of product concentrate, empty containers and contaminated seed bags according to the “Code of Practice for the Safe Use Of Pesticides on Farms and Holdings” available from HMSO. Do not re-use containers for any purpose.
CropsBBCHRegistred normPreharvest Interval
Spring barley0 - 00 - 0-
Spring oats0 - 00 - 0-
Spring wheat0 - 00 - 0-
Winter barley0 - 00 - 0-
Winter oats0 - 00 - 0-
Winter wheat0 - 00 - 0-