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Sumitomo Chemical Agro - Insecticide

A suspension concentrate containing 110g/L etoxazole for use as an acaricide for the control of spider mites in protected tomatoes and aubergines.

General Information
Borneo is a contact acaricide with contact action for the control of red spider mite in protected tomatoes and aubergines. It inhibits the development of eggs and larval stages of mites (Tetranychus urticae) and can be used on indoor tomatoes and aubergines (egg plants). The product will give best performance if used at the first appearance of the first mobile stages of spider mites. Borneo has residual action of around 45 to 60 days.

Directions for Use
Mixing and spraying
Invert bottle before use to ensure a uniform mixture. Half fill spray tank with clean water, commence agitation and add the required amount of Borneo. Maintain agitation during completion of filling and during application.
Rinse empty container thoroughly at least three times. Add washings to the spray tank at time of filling. Do not leave spray liquid in the sprayer for long periods of time eg overnight or during meal breaks.
In case of a high adult mite population, an adult acaricide should be applied.

Rate of Use
Tomatoes and Aubergines
Borneo should be used at a concentration of 25-30 ml per 100 L of water, in 500-1500 L water/ha; or at a concentration of 35 ml per 100 L of water in 500-1000 L water/ha. The higher concentration of 35ml/100L water should be applied when a high pest population is present.
Use sufficient water volume to obtain complete crop coverage.

Resistance Management
In order to avoid the development of resistance, it is recommended that Borneo is used only once per year

CropsBBCHRegistred normPreharvest Interval
Eggplant, aubergine0 - 0500 - 5003
Tomatoes0 - 0500 - 5003