Milagro 240 ODRegistered until: June 30, 2021
FMC - Herbicide

MILAGRO 240 OD is an oil dispersion formulation containing 240 g/litre (23.5% w/w) nicosulfuron
TARGETS: For control of a range of grass and broad-leaved weeds in grain and forage maize.

IMPORTANT: This information is approved as part of the Product Label. All instructions within this section must be carefully read in order to obtain safe and successful use of this   product.

The susceptibility ratings of weeds in the following table assume good spray cover and good growing conditions. An esterified rapeseed oil adjuvant should be used with the herbicide, at a concentration of 0.5% of total spray volume for improved control of fat hen, black nightshade and redshank to moderately susceptible. Headland Fortune (ADJ 0703) isrecommended.

MILAGRO 240 OD can be applied to all soil types. Very dry soil conditions may reduce weed   control

Do not mix with foliar or liquid fertilisers or   micronutrients.
Under certain conditions, some transient yellowing, crop stunting and/or loss of vigour may be observed within1-2weeksaftertreatment.Thesewillsoonbeoutgrownandwillnotadverselyaffectyield.
Do not apply this product to any crop suffering from stress as this may lead to more persistent crop damage. Avoidoverlappingsprayswathswhichmaycausesubstantialcropdamageleadingtolossofyield.
Strains of some annual grass weeds (e.g. black-grass, wild-oat, Italian rye-grass) have developed resistance to herbicides which may lead to poor control. A strategy for preventing and managing resistance should be adopted.GuidelineshavebeenproducedbytheWeedResistanceActionGroupandcopiesareavailablefrom the HGCA, CPA, your distributor, crop adviser or product manufacturer.
Avoid using MILAGRO 240 OD (or any other ALS-inhibiting herbicide) as the sole means of weed control in successivecrops.Donotusetheproducttocontrollightinfestationsofweeds. Extremecaremustbetakentoavoidspraydriftontonon-cropplantsoutsideofthetargetarea.
This product may cause flower deformation on particularly sensitive   varieties.
Do not apply MILAGRO 240 OD and a foliar treatment containing an organophosphate insecticide to the same maizecrop
Do not apply this product to any maize crop in sequence or in tank-mixture with any product containing an ‘ALS-inhibiting’ herbicide.
Susceptible weeds: Generally 85-100% control may be expected in good conditions   Moderately susceptible weeds: Generally 75-85% control may be expected in good conditions Moderately resistant weeds: Generally 60-75% control may be expected in good   conditions

When herbicides with the same mode of action are used repeatedly over several years in the same field, selection of resistant biotypes can take place. These can propagate and may become dominant. A weed species is considered resistant to a herbicide if it survives correctly applied treatment at the recommended dose.
Development of resistance within a weed species can be avoided or delayed by sequencing or tank-mixing with suitable products having a different mode of action. This is particularly important if continuous maize is grown. MILAGRO 240 OD is a sufonylurea herbicide. Its mode of action is via ALS-inhibition. Use only as part of a resistance strategy that includes cultural methods of control and does not use MILAGRO 240 OD or any other ALS-inhibitors as the sole chemical method of grass-weed   control.
A strategy for preventing and managing resistance should be adopted. The Weed Resistance Action Groups have produced guidelines and copies are available from HGCA, CPA, your distributor, crop adviser or product manufacturer.
This product contains nicosulfuron which is an ALS-inhibitor, also classified by the Herbicide Resistance Action Committee as ‘Group B’.

Apply 170ml/ha at the 2 to 8 leaf stage of the crop (2-leaf to early tillering stage of grass weeds; 2 to 6 leaf stage of broad-leaved weeds).

Apply in 200 – 400 litres of water per hectare, using suitable equipment to give good spray cover of the weeds. WhenapplyingMILAGRO240ODextremecareshouldbetakennottooverlapsprayswaths.MILAGRO240OD should be applied as a MEDIUM spray (as defined byBCPC)

Half-fillthespraytankwithcleanwaterandbeginagitation.AddtherequiredquantityofMILAGRO240ODtothe water. Rinse the empty container thoroughly with water three times and add the rinsings to the tank. Complete the filling and add the adjuvant oil to the spray tank as the last operation. Apply without delay. Maintain agitation while travelling and throughout the spraying operation.


CropsBBCHRegistred normPreharvest Interval
Corn, maize1 - 180.17 - 0.17-