Platform SRegistered until: July 31, 2022
FMC - Herbicide

IMPORTANT: This information is approved as part of the Product Label. All instructions within this section must be read carefully in order to obtain safe and successful use of this product.

• Avoid overlapping spray swaths
• Do not apply Platform S to crops under stress from drought, waterlogging, cold, pests or diseases, nutrient or lime deficiency or other factors reducing plant growth.
• The crop should not be rolled or harrowed within a few days before and after spraying.
• Do not spray on winter wheat, winter barley, winter oats, spring wheat, spring barley or spring oats, undersown with clover or other legumes or any broad-leaved crop.
• Extreme care should be taken to avoid damage by drift onto plants outside the target area

Because some non-target plants are sensitive to Platform S, spray drift must be avoided on to nearby susceptible broad-leaved plants outside the target area, or on to ponds, waterways and ditches. Thorough cleaning of equipment is also important.

Resistance Management
Strains of some annual weeds have developed resistance to herbicides, which may lead to poor control. A strategy for preventing and managing such resistance should be adopted. To prevent the development of resistant weeds, herbicides with different modes of action must be used when applying ‘Platform S’ in sequence. Treat weeds when they are small and actively growing and investigate any unexplained incidences of poor weed control for possible resistance.
Note: The total amount of mecoprop-P applied to an individual crop, or in a single year in the case of a perennial crop, must not exceed the maximum total dose of mecoprop-P approved for application to that crop by any single mecoprop-P containing product.

Crop safety and timing
Platform S can be used on all varieties of winter wheat, winter barley, winter oats, spring wheat, spring barley and spring oats from the two leaf stage of the crop (GS12) to before the 3rd node detectable stage (before GS33). Platform S can be used on seed crops

CropsBBCHRegistred normPreharvest Interval
Spring barley0 - 01 - 1-
Spring oats0 - 01 - 1-
Spring oats0 - 01 - 1-
Spring wheat0 - 01 - 1-
Winter barley0 - 01 - 1-
Winter wheat0 - 01 - 1-