Cylindrocladium black rot

Cylindrocladium crotalariae

Often, the first above-ground symptom of CBR is wilting on hot afternoons in mid-to-late August. Later, the entire plant may turn light green or yellow and eventually may die. Late in the season, particularly following moist weather, the fungus may produce numerous brick-red, pinhead-sized fruiting structures on crowns, lower stems, and pods of infected plants.
The taproot of symptomatic plants is black and rotted. Lateral roots have similar symptoms, or may be missing entirely. The rotted roots are very brittle and infected plants often break off at the soil line when tugged. CBR also rots pods, resulting in heavy yield losses. Seeds that are not rotted often are covered with cinnamon-brown speckles. These speckles are microsclerotia (MS) produced by the fungus. MS also are produced inside the infected roots.

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