Dark leaf and pod spot

Alternaria brassicae


On seedlings symptoms include dark stem lesions immediately after germination, that can result in damping-off, or stunted seedlings.  It grows in the vascular system and rapidly infects the entire seedling. When older plants become infected, Alternaria symptoms often occur on the older leaves, since they are closer to the soil and are more readily infected as a consequence of rain splash or wind blown rain. Late infection, or infection of older leaves, does not characteristically reduce yiedls, and can be controlled through intensive removal of infected leaves. Fruit-bearing branches and seed pods show dark or blackened spots that result in yield loss due to premature pod ripening and shedding of the seeds. Infection can also occur on the fruit, before or after harvest. A common symptom of broccoli and cauliflower infection is a browning that occurs on the head.

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