Rust of broad bean

Uromyces viciae-fabae

U. viciae-fabae causes rust on leaves and stems of broad bean, pea, vetch and lentil, causing partial defoliation of susceptible varieties.

The spermogonia are mostly on abaxial leaf surfaces.
The aecia are mostly on abaxial surfaces in small groups, mostly near the veins, the peridium is cupulate and whitish with spores 18–26 by 15–21 µm, broadly ellipsoid and verrucose.
The uredinia are amphigenous and yellowish-brown with spores 24–29 by 19–22 µm, broadly ellipsoid, pale golden and uniformly echinulate, normally with four pores, either equatorial or variously distributed and with small caps.
The telia are sometimes on the adaxial surfaces or sometimes amphigenous and on stems, exposed, blackish brown and compact with spores 27–35 by 19–23 µm, oval or obovoid, smooth and chestnut brown, the pedicels brownish and about 60 µm long.