Apple grain aphid

Rhopalosiphum insertum

Egg: The egg is small, oval and shiny. Though dark green, it cannot easily be distinguished from other aphid species' eggs. Eggs are laid on small branches, fruit spurs and terminals.
Nymph: The newly hatched nymph is dark green at first but turns lighter green. It has short cornicles or protuberances at the end of its abdomen.
Adult: The older nymph and adult is light green with a darker green stripe down the middle of the back and crossbars of the same color.
Damage: Although the bulk of aphid eggs found on the tree may be apple grain aphid and nymphs can completely cover opening buds, its feeding does not damage the buds. When aphid numbers are high, leaves may curl slightly. Occasionally, large numbers of aphids may move to young fruit to feed which can cause bumpy, distorted fruit.

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