Cereal curculio

Otiorhynchus terminifera

Colour - Dull grey. Pale mottles.
Body - Slightly flattened. 5mm long, 2mm wide.
Wings - 2 Pairs. Front wings modified to form hard protective cases (elytra) for rear wings. When at rest they meet in a straight line down the centre of the back. Rear wings membranous and folded both lengthwise and across so they fit under their protective cases. When in flight the elytra are held at an angle and the rear wings beat rapidly. Rear wings may be reduced or absent in some species. Wing-span up to 200mm. Both pairs attached to the hind body.
Mouthparts - Chewing. Pointing forward. Typical weevil snout.
Antennae - 7-11 segments.
Legs - Rear legs larger than front legs. Feet (Tarsi) have 3-5 segments with 1 or 2 claws on the end segment.
Head - Rigid. Large rounded compound eyes.
Thorax - Front segment associated with head to form distinct fore body. Front segment covered by a hard plate (pronotum). 2 rear segments fused and associated with the abdomen to form hind body.