Comstock mealybug

Pseudococcus comstocki

Adult females: 2.5 mm (0.1 in.) to 5 mm (0.20 in.) length, Pink to reddish-brown visible only between the body segments, the rest of the insect is covered in mealy white wax, no line between the head and tail is visible on the top of the insect, elongate, oval with well-developed legs, wingless, 17 straight and thin wax filaments on the sides; two pairs of filaments at the rear (posterior) of the insect are the longest at 1/4 to 2/3 body length, the ovisac contains and protects newly-laid eggs and is kept underneath the body.
Adult males: Less than 1 mm (less than 0.1 in.) in length, reddish-brown. < LI>Gnat-like with two long tail-like filaments as long or longer than the entire body, delicate wings, appearing almost veinless, antennae with ten segments, three pairs of eyes and no mouthparts.

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