Lettuce aphid, Currant - lettuce aphid

Nasonovia ribisnigri

Nasonovia ribisnigri apterae are shiny green on the primary host but variable in colour on the secondary host ranging from green to yellow or pink. There are dark transverse bands on the outer parts of each abdominal segment. The siphunculi are pale with dark tips. They are at least as long or longer than the cauda and taper slightly. The cauda is finger shaped, not constricted and the same colour as the basal part of the siphunculi. The first segment of the hind tarsus has three hairs. The ratio of the length of the terminal process of the last antennal segment to its base ranges from 7.0-11.4. The body length of Nasonovia ribisnigri apterae is 1.3-2.7 mm.

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