Mango tip borer

Penicillaria jocosatrix

Eggs: Circular and yellowish in colour.
Immatures: Larvae are yellow-green with pink spots and turn pinkish-purple as they mature. Size: 25 mm in length.
Adults: Moths are russet brown with light coloured markings on theforewings. Hind wings are white with brown margins.
Size: Wing span up to 25 mm

Damage: Larvae feed mainly at night on the new flush before it changes from purple to green. Immature larvae feed on the leaf surface around the edges, which produces a window-like effect. As larvae mature the entire leaf may be eaten, giving  them a ragged edge or skeletonised appearance. When infestations are high, larvae will feed on the growing tips of shoots. If larvae attack pre-flowering flush it can lead to multiple vegetative shoots. They may also damage flower panicles and fruitlets.