Northern plague thrips

Thrips safrus

Female macroptera. Body and legs yellow to white, distal antennal segments light brown, IV-VI yellow at base; fore wings pale. Antennae 7-segmented. Head transverse; ocellar setae III arise just within, or on, anterolateral margins of ocellar triangle close to first ocellus, ocellar region with weak transverse striae; postocular setae in straight row, subequal in size. Pronotum with transverse striae, 20–30 discal setae and 4–5 posteromarginal setae, external postero-angular seta shorter than inner seta. Metanotum irregularly reticulate medially, median setae well behind anterior margin, campaniform sensilla present. Fore wing first vein usually with 3 setae on distal half; clavus with terminal seta longer than subterminal seta. Abdominal tergite II with 3 lateral marginal setae; tergite VIII comb represented by a few teeth laterally. Sternite II with 1 or 2 discal setae, III–VII with 15–25 discal setae in an irregular transverse row; pleurotergites with no discal setae.

Male macroptera. Body yellow, sternites III–VII with 9–15 discal setae in an irregular transverse row posterior to small transverse pore plate.