Sorghum webworm

Celama sorghiella

Adult - This small, whitish moth has a wingspan of 12 to 16 mm. The wing pattern is poorly defined and variable.
Egg - The egg, 0.5 by 0.3 mm, is round to oval and slightly flattened. It is white with a pale green-yellow tinge when laid, but changes to straw yellow over a 2-day period. As it matures the color darkens to deep yellow or brown.
Larva - The newly hatched, pale green caterpillar averages 0.7 mm in length. Later instars, still green to tan in color, are thickly covered with spines and hairs, bear four red-to-brown longitudinal stripes on their back and have four pairs of fleshy prolegs. The caterpillar is sluggish and has a maximum length of 9 to 14 mm.
Damage - On sorghum, the caterpillars feed only on the ripening grain, consuming the contents of individual kernels and leaving the outside hull intact. Losses in individual fields may be as high as 30 to 80 percent; however, extensive damage rarely occurs during seasons characterized by prolonged spells of hot, dry weather.

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