Sugarcane rootstock weevil

Anacentrinus deplanatus

The adult is a dark brown or black weevil about 9 mm long and 2.5 mm wide. The insect overwinters as an adult on ground protected by plant residues. Weevils infest wild grasses during early spring and later move to sorghum. The female uses her mouthparts to puncture the plant into which the egg is deposited and concealed. Eggs are creamy white, oval, 0.25 mm in diameter, and 0.5 mm long. Each female lays about 16 eggs that hatch in six days. Larvae are white, legless grubs about 5 mm long when fully grown. Pupae are white until shortly after emergence, when they become brownish. Larvae and pupae develop in 25 and 10 days, respectively. A generation is completed in 41 days.    

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