Target spot

Corenespora cassiicola

The fungus is known as a pathogen of many agricultural crop plants, especially cowpea, cucumber, papaya, rubber, soybean, and tomato. It has caused crop failures resulting in high economic losses in over 70 countries, including losses of over US$3000 per acre in tomato crops in Florida in the United States. On several plants, such as tomatoes, the fungus causes a disease called target spot  or target leaf spot. The disease is identified by leaf damage taking the form of target-shaped spots with light centres and dark margins, as well as pits on the fruit. The fungus also causes a disease on the cultivated rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis called corynespora leaf fall (CLF). It is one of the most economically significant fungal pathogens of rubber trees in Asia and Africa, causing "fishbone"- or "railway track"-shaped lesions on the leaves.

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