2,4-D L.V. 6 Ester

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This product is a low volatile ester especially prepared for use on crops and weeds where a susceptible crop in the near vicinity may be injured by a more volatile product. It is recommended for control of numerous broadleaf weeds and certain 2,4-9 susceptible woody plants without injury to most established grasses. In cropland, 2,4-D Ester is mere effective than amines for controlling hard-to-kill weeds such as Bindweec, Thistle, Smartweeds, Wild garlic, Curly dock, Tansy ragwort and Wild onions. For best results apply this product as a water or oil spray during warm weather when young succulent weeds or brush are actively growing. Application under drought conditions often will give poor  results. The lower recommended rates will be satisfactory on susceptible annual weeds. For perennial weeds and conditions such as the very dry areas of the Western states where control is difficult, the higher recommended rates should be used. Deep-rooted perennial weeds such as Canada thistle and Field bindweed and many woody plants usually require repeated applications for maximum control.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Corn0.66 - 1.5 pt
Sweet corn0.66 - 1.5 pt
Spring barley0.33 - 1.33 pt
Winter barley0.33 - 1.33 pt
Spring oats0.33 - 1.33 pt
Winter oats0.33 - 1.33 pt
Winter wheat0.33 - 1.33 pt
Spring wheat0.33 - 1.33 pt
Winter rye0.33 - 1.33 pt
Spring rye0.33 - 1.33 pt
Sorghum0.33 - 0.5 pt
Potatoes0 pt24
Sugarcane1.33 - 2.66 pt
Grassland0.66 - 2.66 pt
Pasture0.66 - 3 pt
Soybeans0.66 - 1.33 pt30