Albaugh D-638

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0-638 is a special formulation containing 2,4-0 acid. It is more effective than 2,4-0 amines for controlling hard-tokill weeds such as field bindweed, Russian knapweed, Canada thistle, leafy spurge, cattails, tules and nutgrass .. D638 should be applied when daytime temperatures are lower than 80 to 85 degrees. Spraying when temperatures are higher may cause rapid foliar burn and decrease the product's effectiveness. Treatment at higher temperatures also increases the possibility of crop injury. INJURY TO CROPS FROM THIS HERBICIDE MAY OCCUR. IF YOU ARE NOT PREPARED TO ACCEPT SOME DEGREE OF CROP INJURY, DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. Crop varieties vary in response to 2,4-D and some are easily injured. Apply D-638 only to varieties known to be tolerant to 2,4-D. If you
are uncertain concerning tolerant varieties or local use situations that may affect crop tolerance to 2,4-D, consult your seed company or state Agricultural Extension Service for advice.

GENERAL RESTRICTIONS: Do not apply product through any type of irrigation system. Do not use in or near a greenhouse.

MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: Add one-half the· required amount of water to the spray tank; then add D-638 with agitation, and finally, the balance of the water with continued agitation .. Provide continuous agitation to insure uniform spray mixtures. Use spray mixture as soon as possible after mixing.

COMPATIBILITY: If D-638 is to be tank mixed with fertilizers or with other pesticides, compatibility should be tested prior to mixing. To test for compatibility, use a small container and mix a small amount (0.5 to 1 quart) of spray, combining all ingredients in the same ratio as the anticipated use. If any indications of physical incompatibility develop, do not use this mixture for spraying. Indications of incompatibility usually will appear within 5 to 15 minutes after mixing. Read and follow the label of each tank-mix product used for precautionary statements, directions for use, geographic and other restrictions.

COMBINATION WITH UQUID NITROGEN FERTIUZER: Use the recommended amount of D-638 per acre for weeding and feeding corn, small grains, grasses for production or grass pastures as directed on this label. Use the fertilizer at rates recommended by supplier or Extension Service SpeCialist. Fill the spray tank about half full with the liquid fertilizer, then add D-638 with vigorous agitation, and complete filling the tank. Apply immediately and continue agitation in the spray tank during application. Do not allow mixture to stand overnight. NOTE: Fertilizers can increase foliage contact burn of herbiCides. Reducing the fertilizer rate and concentration will reduce the hazard of leaf burn. 

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