Albaugh Dicamba DMA Salt

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For Weed Control in Corn, Sorghum, Small Grains (wheat, barley, and oats), Pasture, Hay, Rangeland, General Farmstead (Non-Cropland), Fallow, Cotton, Sugarcane, Asparagus, Turf, and Grass Seed Crops

Although DICAMBA DMA SALT has a low probability of selecting for resistant weed biotypes, tank mixes and rotation with herbicides possessing other modes of action are recommended to avoid weed resistance.

The following directions apply to all uses of DICAMBA DMA SALT. Additional precautions and restrictions will be found in each specific use section. Do not treat irrigation ditches or water used for crop irrigation or domestic uses. Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system.
Rates of use of this product must not exceed 2 pints per acre, per application; and 4 pints per acre, per year. Rates of use of dicamba acid equivalent must not exceed a maximum single application rate of 1.0 lb per acre; and an annual application rate of 2.0 lbs per acre.
These restrictions apply to this product and possible mixtures with other products containing dicamba.

Unless otherwise specified under the individual use headings of this label, the following directions apply to all crop and noncrop uses of DICAMBA DMA SALT. Refer to individual use sections for additional precautions, restrictions, application rates and timings.
DICAMBA DMA SALT is a water-soluble formulation that can be applied using water or sprayable fluid fertilizer as the carrier. If a fluid fertilizer is to be used, a compatibility test (see COMPATIBILITY TEST below) should be made prior to tank mixing.
Use ground or aerial application equipment that will give good spray coverage of weed foliage. However, do not use aerial application equipment if spray particles can be carried by wind into areas where sensitive crops or plants are growing or when temperature inversions exist.
Apply 3 to 50 gallons of diluted spray per treated acre when using ground application equipment, or 2 to 10 gallons of diluted spray per treated acre (2 to 20 gallons of diluted spray per acre for preharvest uses) in a water-based carrier when using aerial application equipment. Use the higher level of the listed spray
volumes when treating dense or tall vegetation. Use coarse sprays.
Select nozzles designed to produce minimal amounts of fine spray particles. Spray with nozzles as close to the weeds as is practical for good weed coverage.
To avoid uneven spray coverage, DICAMBA DMA SALT should not be applied during periods of gusty wind or when wind is in excess of 15 mph.
Avoid disturbing (e.g., cultivating or mowing) treated areas for at least 7 days following application.

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