BAS 650 00 F

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For disease control in the following crops: Brassica leafy vegetables,
bulb vegetables, cucurbit vegetables, fruiting vegetables, grapes,
hops, leafy vegetables, and tuberous and corm vegetables

Product Information
This package contains BAS 650 00 F fungicide, a suspension concentrate (SC) with the active ingredient ametoctradin. The active ingredient in BAS 650 00 F is
a strong inhibitor of mitochondrial respiration in complex III (cytochrome bc1) of Oomycetes fungi. Preventive applications optimize disease control. To maximize disease control, apply BAS 650 00 F in a regularly scheduled protective spray program and use in a rotation program with other fungicides. BAS 650 00 F is not for use in greenhouse or transplant production.

Mode of Action
BAS 650 00 F contains the active ingredient ametoctradin. Ametoctradin, a strong inhibitor of mitochondrial respiration in complex III (cytochrome bc1) of Oomycetes fungi, is classified as a Group 45 fungicide.

Resistance Management
BAS 650 00 F contains ametoctradin, a Group 45 fungicide, and is effective against pathogens resistant to fungicides with modes of action different from those
of target site Group 45. Fungal isolates resistant to Group 45 fungicides may eventually dominate the fungal population if Group 45 fungicides are used predominantly and repeatedly in the same field in successive years as the primary method of control for the targeted pathogen species, especially if resistance to Group 45 fungicides is already present in the pathogen population. This may result in reduction of disease control by BAS 650 00 F or other Group 45 fungicides.
To maintain the performance of BAS 650 00 F in the field, DO NOT exceed the total number of sequential applications of BAS 650 00 F per season stated in the
Restrictions and Limitations section and Table 2. BAS 650 00 F fungicide Crop-specific Requirements. Adhere to the label instructions regarding the consecutive use of BAS 650 00 F or other target site of action Group 45 fungicides that have a similar site of action on the same pathogen.

Resistance Management Advisory
The following recommendations may be considered to delay the development of fungicide resistance:
1. Tank mixtures - Use tank mixtures with effective fungicides from different target site of action groups that are registered/permitted for the same use and
that are effective against the pathogens of concern. Use at least the minimum labeled rates of each fungicide in the tank mix.
2. IPM - Integrate BAS 650 00 F fungicide into an overall disease and pest management program. Follow cultural practices known to reduce disease development. Consult your local extension specialist, certified crop advisor and/or BASF representative for additional IPM strategies established for your area. BAS 650 00 F may be used in agricultural extension advisory (disease forecasting) programs, which recommend application timing based on environmental factors favorable for disease development.
3. Monitoring - Monitor efficacy of all fungicides used in the disease management program against the targeted pathogen and record other factors that may influence fungicide performance and/or disease development. If a Group 45 target site fungicide, such as BAS 650 00 F, appears to be less effective against a pathogen that it previously controlled or suppressed, contact a BASF representative, local extension specialist, or certified crop advisor for further investigation.

Application Instructions
Apply rates of BAS 650 00 F as instructed in Table 2. BAS 650 00 F fungicide Crop-specific Requirements. Apply BAS 650 00 F with ground sprayer, aerial equipment or through sprinkler irrigation equipment. Check equipment frequently for calibration. Under low-level disease conditions, use the minimum application rates; use maximum application rates and shortened spray schedules for severe or threatening disease conditions. Maximum benefit of BAS 650 00 F from foliar applications requires thorough coverage of the plant.

Cleaning Spray Equipment
Spraying equipment must be cleaned thoroughly before and after applying this product, particularly if a product with potential to injure crops was used prior to
BAS 650 00 F.

Ground Application
Apply BAS 650 00 F in sufficient water to ensure thorough coverage of foliage, blooms, and fruit. Thorough coverage is required for optimum disease control. Unless otherwise specified in this label, use no less than 20 gallons of spray solution per acre.

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