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BRONATE Advanced is formulated as an emulsifiable concentrate of octanoic acid and heptanoic acid esters of bromoxynil containing the equivalent of 2.5 pounds of bromoxynil per gallon and 2.5 pounds per gallon of isooctyl ester of MCPA.
BRONATE Advanced is a selective postemergence herbicide for control of important broad leaf weeds infesting wheat, barley, oats, rye, flax, and grass grown for sod. Optimum weed control is obtained when BRONATE Advanced is applied to actively growing weed seedlings. BRONATE Advanced is primarily a contact herbicide; therefore, thorough coverage of the weed seedlings is essential for optimum control.
BRONATE Advanced has little residua! activity. Therefore, subsequent flushes of weeds will not be controlled by the initial treatment.
Generally, crops that form a good canopy will help shade subsequent weed flushes.
Occasional transitory leaf burn may occur. The temporary leaf burn is similar to that seen with liquid fertilizer. Because the activity of BRONATE Advanced is mainly contact, recovery of the crop is generally rapid with no lasting effect. Frequency and amount of leaf burn may be greater when crops are stressed by abrasive winds, cool to cold evening temperatures or mechanical injury, such as that caused by hail, sleet or insect feeding. To reduce the potential for temporary leaf burn, applications should be made to dry foliage in the recommended spray volumes per acre when weather conditions are not extreme.

Important: Always read and follow label instructions when buying or using this product.

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Winter wheat9.6 - 25.6 fl oz
Spring wheat9.6 - 25.6 fl oz
Spring barley9.6 - 25.6 fl oz
Winter barley9.6 - 25.6 fl oz
Spring oats9.6 - 25.6 fl oz
Winter oats9.6 - 25.6 fl oz
Winter rye9.6 - 25.6 fl oz
Spring rye9.6 - 25.6 fl oz
Winter flax11.4 fl oz
Spring flax11.4 fl oz