Dithane M45

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Product Information
Read all Directions for Use carefully before applying. Dithane M45 fungicide is a broad-spectrum protectant fungicide labeled for outdoor or greenhouse grown crops. Optimum disease control is achieved when the fungicide is applied in a regularly scheduled preventative spray program. The addition of an agricultural surfactant will improve fungicide performance by providing a more uniform spray deposit, increased foliar redistribution, and improved fungicide retention during periods of wet weather.
Use Rate Determination
Carefully read, understand, and follow label use rates and restrictions. Under low disease conditions, use minimum label rates and the maximum interval per application, and under severe or threatening disease conditions, use maximum label rates and the minimum interval. For proper application, determine the number of acres to be treated, the label use rate and the gallonage to be applied per acre. Prepare only the amount of spray solution required to treat the measured acreage. Carefully calibrate spray equipment prior to use. When applied by hand sprayers, 1 lb of Dithane M45 per 100 gallons per acre is equivalent to 1 level tablespoon per gallon spray solution.
Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Spring barley2 lb45
Winter barley2 lb45
Corn1.5 lb40
Almonds6 lb7
Spring oats2 lb45
Winter oats2 lb45
Peanuts1 - 2 lb14
Winter rye2 lb45
Spring rye2 lb45
Sugar beets1.5 - 2 lb14
Winter triticale2 lb45
Spring triticale2 lb45
Winter wheat2 lb45
Spring wheat2 lb45
Apples2 - 6 lb77
Bananas2 - 3 lb
Canistel2 - 2.5 lb
Mamey sapotes2 - 2.5 lb
Mangoes2 - 2.5 lb
Sapodilla2 - 2.5 lb
Star apple2 - 2.5 lb
Cranberries3 - 6 lb30
Grapes1.5 - 4 lb66
Papayas2 lb
Plantain2 - 3 lb
Safflowers0 lb
Sorghum0 lb
Tomatoes1.5 - 3 lb5
Asparagus2 lb180
Broccoli2 lb7
Cabbage2 lb7
Sweet corn1.5 lb7
Chayote2 - 3 lb5
Citron melons2 - 3 lb5
Gherkins2 - 3 lb5
Pumpkins2 - 3 lb5
Squash2 - 3 lb5
Cucumbers2 - 3 lb5
Gourds2 - 3 lb5
Cantaloupe2 - 3 lb5
Watermelon2 - 3 lb5
Fennel2 lb14
Garlic3 lb7
Onions3 lb7
Shallots3 lb7
Ginseng1.8 lb30
Lettuce2 lb7
Peppers2 - 3 lb7
Potatoes0.5 - 2 lb14
Cotton0 lb
Spring flax0 lb
Winter flax0 lb
Rice0 lb
Crabapples3 - 6 lb77
Pears3 - 6 lb77
Quince3 - 6 lb77
Waxgourds2 - 3 lb5