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Envoke is a selective herbicide applied postemergence to both crops and weeds for control of certain emerged weeds in cotton, sugarcane, and transplanted tomato. Envoke is formulated as a water dispersible granule that must be thoroughly and uniformly mixed in water and applied as a spray.
Weeds controlled by Envoke are listed in “Target Weeds” tables provided in each of the crop specifi c directions for use of this label. The degree of control resulting from application of Envoke is primarily dependent upon rate applied, weed species, weed size at application, environmental conditions, and growing conditions. Weed control is greatly improved if emerged weeds are small, actively growing, and ample soil moisture exists, compared to when the soil is dry and weeds are large or under stress from lack of moisture. Growth of susceptible weeds is inhibited soon after application of Envoke. The leaves of susceptible plants normally turn yellow, red, or purple after several days, followed by necrosis and death of the growing point. Complete plant death generally occurs 1-3 weeks after application, depending upon weed species and growing conditions.

Important: Always read and follow label instructions when buying or using this product.

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