Micro Sulf 2

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It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Do not apply this product in a way that will contact workers or other persons, either directly or through drift. Only protected handlers may be in the area during application. For any requirements specific to your State or Tribe, consult the agency responsible for pesticide regulation.

Sulfur may cause severe fruit and foliage injury to certain crops. Sulfur sensitive plants include D’Anjou and Comice pears, apricots, cranberries, certain varieties of cucurbits, filberts, spinach, tung walnuts, and certain ornamentals. Apples, pears and strawberries are susceptible to foliage burn with sulfur under certain climatic conditions. Sulfur may burn foliage when temperature is high.

DO NOT apply if temperatures during or within 3 days after application are expected to exceed 90° F.
DO NOT use within 2 weeks of an oil spray treatment except for dormant, delayed dormant or postharvest applications with a suitable spray oil. For citrus, do not apply within 21 days of an oil spray. When growing crops for processing, consult the processor before applying sulfur.
For tank mixtures: DO NOT mix with any product which contains a prohibition on tank mixing, and follow more restrictive labeling of any tank mix partner. Pour the specified amount of product into water and stir to make a thin slurry. Add slurry to tank when partially full before other materials are added. Add wetting agents last to avoid foaming. Keep spray mixture agitated while spraying.
Apply to crops as needed in season when mites or diseases first appear and when insect buildup and plant disease damage are imminent. Repeat as directed. Use the lower rate when disease or insect pressure is low. Use the higher rate when disease or insect pressure is severe.

Registered for culturesRate
Alfalfa12 - 25 lb
Almonds10 - 20 lb
Cherries10 - 20 lb
Nectarines10 - 20 lb
Peaches10 - 20 lb
Plums10 - 20 lb
Apples10 - 20 lb
Pears10 - 20 lb
Artichokes10 - 20 lb
Asparagus10 - 30 lb
Avocados10 - 30 lb
Bananas10 - 30 lb
Spring barley6 - 15 lb
Winter barley6 - 15 lb
Corn6 - 15 lb
Spring oats6 - 15 lb
Winter oats6 - 15 lb
Winter rye6 - 15 lb
Spring rye6 - 15 lb
Sorghum6 - 15 lb
Winter wheat6 - 15 lb
Spring wheat6 - 15 lb
Beans3 - 10 lb
Peas3 - 10 lb
Broccoli3 - 10 lb
Brussels sprouts3 - 10 lb
Cabbages3 - 10 lb
Cauliflower3 - 10 lb
Celery4 - 6 lb
Carrots3 - 10 lb
Citrus8 - 20 lb
Cotton5 - 10 lb
Cucurbits0 lb