Natria Neem Oil Concentrate

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For use on vegetables, fruits, nuts, melons, outdoor ornamental plants and agronomic crops. For foliar control of fungal disease and insect pests

Important: Always read and follow label instructions when buying or using this product.

Registered for culturesRate
Apples2.5 gal
Apricots2 gal
Avocados2 gal
Bananas2 gal
Calamondin2 gal
Cherries2 gal
Figs2 gal
Grapefruits2 gal
Guavas2 gal
Kiwifruit2 gal
Kumquats2 gal
Papayas2 gal
Passionfruit2 gal
Peaches2 gal
Pears2.5 gal
Pineapples2 gal
Citron2 gal
Citrus2 gal
Crabapples2 gal
Dates2 gal
Feijoa2 gal
Lemons2 gal
Limes2 gal
Loquat2 gal
Lychee2 gal
Mangoes2 gal
Mandarins2 gal
Satsumas2 gal
Nectarines2 gal
Olives2 gal
Oranges2 gal
Plantain2 gal
Plums2 gal
Pomegranate2 gal
Pomelo2 gal
Quince2 gal
Tangelo2 gal
Tangerines2 gal
Cantaloupe2 gal
Citron melons2 gal
Cucumbers2 gal
Gherkins2 gal
Gourds2 gal
Melons2 gal
Pumpkins2 gal
Watermelon2 gal
Squash2 gal
Zucchini2 gal
Blackberries2 gal
Blueberries2 gal
Boysenberries2 gal
Cranberries2 gal
Black currant2 gal
Red currant2 gal
White currant2 gal
Elderberries2 gal
Gooseberries2 gal
Grapes2 gal
Huckleberries2 gal
Loganberry2 gal
Raspberries2 gal
Strawberries2 gal
Almonds2.5 gal
Beechnuts2.5 gal
Brazil nuts2.5 gal
Butternuts2.5 gal
Cashews2.5 gal
Chestnuts2.5 gal
Chinquapins2.5 gal
Hickory nuts2.5 gal
Macadamia nuts2.5 gal
Pecans2.5 gal
Pistachios2.5 gal
Walnut2.5 gal
Arugula2 gal
Broccoli2 gal
Chinese broccoli2 gal
Brussels sprouts2 gal
Cabbage2 gal
Bok choy2 gal
Chinese cabbage2 gal
Gai Choy2 gal
Cauliflower2 gal
Celery2 gal
Celtuce2 gal
Chervil2 gal
Chicory2 gal
Cilantro2 gal
Corn salad2 gal
Cress2 gal
Endive2 gal
Fennel2 gal
Garlic2 gal
Collard greens2 gal
Mustard greens2 gal
Rape greens2 gal
Kale2 gal
Kohlrabi2 gal
Leeks2 gal
Lettuce2 gal
Onions2 gal
Orach, atriplex2 gal
Parsley2 gal
Purslanes2 gal
Radicchio2 gal
Rapini2 gal
Rhubarbs2 gal
Shallots2 gal
Spinach2 gal
Turnips2 gal
Beans2 gal
Dry broad beans2 gal
Calabazas2 gal
Chickpeas2 gal
Eggplant2 gal
Ground cherries2 gal
Guars2 gal
Lentils2 gal
Peas2 gal
Peanuts2 gal
Pepinos2 gal
Peppers2 gal
Pigeon peas2 gal
Snow peas2 gal
Soybeans2 gal
Tomatillos2 gal
Tomatoes2 gal
Artichokes2 gal
Red beet2 gal
Carrots2 gal
Cassava2 gal
Ginger2 gal
Ginseng2 gal
Horseradish2 gal
Parsnip2 gal
Potatoes2 gal
Sweet potatoes2 gal
Radishes2 gal
Rutabagas2 gal
Taro, dasheen2 gal
Tumeric2 gal
Turnips2 gal
Bean yam2 gal
Anise2 gal
Basil2 gal
Borage2 gal
Caraway2 gal
Coriander2 gal
Dill2 gal
Fennel2 gal
Marigold2 gal
Marjoram2 gal
Mint2 gal
Rosemary2 gal
Sage2 gal
Savory2 gal
Tarragon2 gal
Thyme2 gal
Acerola2 gal
Alfalfa2 gal
Asparagus2 gal
Spring barley2 gal
Winter barley2 gal
Buckwheat2 gal
Canola2 gal
Coffee2 gal
Coriander2 gal
Corn2 gal
Sweet corn2 gal
Cotton2 gal
Hops2 gal
Mushrooms2 gal
Spring oats2 gal
Winter oats2 gal
Okra2 gal
Rice2 gal
Safflowers2 gal
Sesame2 gal
Sorghum2 gal
Soursop2 gal
Sugarcane2 gal
Sunflowers2 gal
Tobacco2 gal
Winter wheat2 gal
Spring wheat2 gal