NUP-08113 Herbicide

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It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.
Do not apply this product in a Way that will contact workers or other persons, either directly or through drift. Only protected handlers may be in the area during application. For any requirements specific to your State or Tribe, consult the agency responsible for pesticide regulation.

This product is for use on land primarily dedicated to the production of pasture, rangeland, or established grasses in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). This product may also be used on selected uncultivated areas (fence rows, farmyards, and rights-of-way) directly adjacent to, or which transect or pass through, treated pastures, rangeland, or CRP, where grazing or harvesting for animal feed of those uncultivated areas may occur. This product is a dispersible granule that controls or suppresses broad leaf weeds and brush in pasture, rangeland and CRP. This product is to be mixed in water or can be preslurried in water and added to liquid nitrogen carrier solutions and applied as a uniform broadcast spray. A spray adjuvant must be used in the spray mix unless otherwise specified on this label. This product is a broad-spectrum herbicide for use on pastures, rangeland or CRP in most states. Check with your state extension or Department of Agriculture before use to be certain this product is registered in your state. Do not use this product in the following counties of Colorado: Alamosa, Conejos, Costilla, Rio Grande, and Saquache. This product controls weeds by preemergence and postemergence activity. For best results, apply this product to young, actively growing weeds. Weeds hardened off by cold weather or drought stress may not be controlled. The specified use rate depends upon the weed spectrum and size of weeds at application. The degree and duration of control may depend on the follOwing factors: weed spectrum and infestation intensity

weed size at application
environmental conditions at and following treatment
It is permissible to apply this product to floodplains where surface water is not present, terrestrial areas of deltas, and low lying areas where water is drained but may be isolated in pockets due to uneven or unlevel conditions.

Injury to or loss of desirable trees or vegetation may result from failure to observe the following: Do not apply this product, or drain or flush equipment on or near desirable trees or other plants, or on areas where their roots may extend, or in locations where the chemical may be washed or moved into contact with their roots. Do not use on lawns, walks, driveways, tennis courts, golf courses, athletic fields, commercial sod operations, or other high-maintenance, fine turfgrass areas, .or similar areas. Do not use on grasses grown for seed.
• Do not contaminate irrigation ditches or water used for domestic purposes.
• Do not apply to irrigated land where the tailwater will be used to irrigate crops.
• Do not apply to frozen ground as surface runoff may occur.
• Do not apply to snow-covered ground.
• Treatment of powdery, dry soil or light, sandy soil when there is little likelihood of rainfall soon after treatment may result in off target movement and possible damage to susceptible crops when soil particles are moved by wind or water. Injury to crops may result if treated soil is washed, blown, or moved onto land used to produce crops. Injury may be more severe when the crops are irrigated. Do not apply this product when these conditions are identified and powdery, dry soil or light or sandy soil are known to be prevalent in the area to be treated.
• For all total pesticide applications, do not apply more than the equivalent of 1 oz of chlorsulfuron active ingredient per acre per year.
• For all total pesticide applications, do not apply more than the equivalent of 1 oz of metsulfuron methyl active ingredient per acre per year.
• Do not apply more than 2 oz of this product per acre per year.

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