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For use on small grains (wheat, barley, and oats), field corn, sweet corn, grain sorghum, on-farm non-cropland, conservation reserve program acres, grasses grown for seed, forage, or hay, millet, onions and pome fruit to control annual and perennial broad leaf weeds, volunteer potatoes, rangeland and permanent pastures, non-crop land areas including Industrial sites, non-irrigation ditch banks, rights of way such as electrical power lines, communications lines road sides and railroads including grazed areas within these sites and pine plantations Do not apply to St. Augustine grass in the state of Florida Not for sale, distribution, or use in Nassau and Suffolk counties, New York.

OBTAIN EC Herbicide is a selective herbicide for control of annual and perennial broadleaf weeds including kochia, bedstraw (cleavers), common sunflower, volunteer flax and vo lunteer potato in wheat, barley, oats (not under se eded to with a legume), field corn, sweet corn, grain sorghum, millet, pome fruits, onions, rangeland and permanent pastures, onfarm non-cropland, non-cropland areas including industrial sites, non-irrigation ditch banks, rights of way, pine plantations and conservation reserve program (CRP).

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