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This product is a preemergence, surface applied herbicide forthe control of many annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds in citrus, fruit and nut trees, berries, vineyards and Christmas tree plantations. This product controls susceptible annual weeds by disrupting plant growth processes during germination. This product may be applied in liquid sprays of water or liquid fertilizer. This product may be tank mixed with other herbicides to control existing vegetation or improve the spectrum of weeds controlled. This product
alone does not control established weeds. This product may be applied before or after transplanting of the crop, If applied prior to
transplanting: (1) disturbance of surface soil should be minimized to prevent loss of weed control; and (2) exposure of the roots of transplants to treated soil should be minimized to avoid any possibility of crop injury,


• Do not graze or feed forage from treated fields or orchards to livestock.
• Poor weed control may result if directions are not carefully followed. ,
• Do not over·apply this product, Over-application may result in crop injury or soil residue.
• Do not plant any root crop for 12 months following an application of this product.
• Do not use this product on soils containing more than 5% organic matter,
• Apply. this product directly to the soil surface in orchards or vineyards.

Carefully follow label directions to avoid poor weed control or crop injury.
• Chemlgation: See instructions for chemigation·in 'Application Methods". Do not aerially apply this product.
Rotation Crop Interval: To avoid crop injury, a 24-month rotational interval is recommended when rotating from tree and vine crops to row crops.

Oryzalln Liquid - Alone
This product may be applied in water or most liquid fertilizer materials. Prior to mixing this product in liquid fertilizer, refer to "Testing for Compatibility in Liquid Fertilizers" for test procedures to determine compatibility with the fertilizer product to be used. The combination of this product with solution and suspension-type fertilizers provides annual weed control equal to Surface herbicide applied in water. IndMdual state regulations relating to liquid fertilizer mixing, registration,labeling and application are the responsibility of the indMdual and/or company offering the fertilizer and chemical mixture for sale. Start with a clean spray tank. Fill the sprayer to 1/3 to 'h of the required spray volume. Start agitation. Shake the container well and add the correct amount of this product, co·ntinue agitation and till spray tank to required spray volume. Maintain continuous agration from mixing through application.
Precaution: Do not allow the mixture to siphon back into the water source.

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