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Revus provides control of diseases caused by downy mildews. It has preventative and limited curative properties. Revus is applied as a foliar spray and can be used in block, alternating spray, or tank mix programs with other crop protection products. All applications must be made according to the use directions that follow.

Important: Always read and follow label instructions when buying or using this product.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Basil8 fl oz1
Snap beans8 fl oz1
Broccoli8 fl oz1
Chinese broccoli8 fl oz1
Brussels sprouts8 fl oz1
Cabbage8 fl oz1
Chinese cabbage8 fl oz1
Cauliflower8 fl oz1
Kohlrabi8 fl oz1
Bok choy8 fl oz1
Collard greens8 fl oz1
Kale8 fl oz1
Mizuna8 fl oz1
Mustard greens8 fl oz1
Mustard spinach8 fl oz1
Rape greens8 fl oz1
Onions8 fl oz7
Garlic8 fl oz7
Shallots8 fl oz7
Leeks8 fl oz7
Limes8 - 16 fl oz365
Calamondin8 - 16 fl oz365
Citron8 - 16 fl oz365
Citrus8 - 16 fl oz365
Grapefruits8 - 16 fl oz365
Kumquats8 - 16 fl oz365
Lemons8 - 16 fl oz365
Mandarins8 - 16 fl oz365
Oranges8 - 16 fl oz365
Pomelo8 - 16 fl oz365
Satsumas8 - 16 fl oz365
Tangelo8 - 16 fl oz365
Tangerines8 - 16 fl oz365
Tangor8 - 16 fl oz365
Chayote8 fl oz
Waxgourds8 fl oz
Citron melons8 fl oz
Cucumbers8 fl oz
Gherkins8 fl oz
Balsam apple8 fl oz
Cantaloupe8 fl oz
Pumpkins8 fl oz
Squash8 fl oz
Hubbard squash8 fl oz
Acorn squash8 fl oz
Spaghetti squash8 fl oz
Watermelon8 fl oz
Ginseng8 fl oz2
Grapes8 fl oz14
Hops8 fl oz7
Amaranth8 fl oz1
Arugula8 fl oz1
Cardoon8 fl oz1
Celery8 fl oz1
Celtuce8 fl oz1
Chervil8 fl oz1
Corn salad8 fl oz1
Cress8 fl oz1
Sorrels8 fl oz1
Endive8 fl oz1
Finocchio, florence fennel8 fl oz1
Lettuce8 fl oz1
Orach, atriplex8 fl oz1
Parsley8 fl oz1
Purslanes8 fl oz1
Radicchio8 fl oz1
Rhubarbs8 fl oz1
Spinach8 fl oz1
New zealand spinach8 fl oz1
Eggplant8 fl oz1
Ground cherries8 fl oz1
Pepinos8 fl oz1
Peppers8 fl oz1
Sweet peppers8 fl oz1
Okra8 fl oz1
Tobacco8 fl oz7