Rotam Imidacloprid 75 WP

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It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.
See individual crops for specific pollinator protection application restrictions. If none exist under the specific crop, for foliar applications, follow these application directions for food/feed & commercially grown ornamentals that are attractive to pollinators and non-agricultural uses.

Certain insects may develop resistance to insecticides after repeated use. Use different resistance management practices such as rotating classes of insecticides to help delay or minimize insect resistance.
This product contains the active ingredient imidacloprid, which is a Group 4A insecticide. Repeated use of Group 4A insecticides may lead to insect pests that become resistant to imidacloprid or other neonicotinoids (Group 4A) insecticides.
To reduce the chances of development of resistance to Group 4A insecticides, do not make more than three (3) consecutive foliar applications of this product and/or other Group 4A insecticides with similar modes of action. In addition, Rotam strongly recommends the use of other insecticides with a different mode of action prior to or after application of this product. This strategy of insecticide rotation in concert with other IPM practices is considered an effective way to delay or minimize an insect's ability to develop resistance to this class of chemistry.

Thorough uniform coverage is necessary to achieve optimal control. A spray adjuvant may be used to improve coverage.
This product may not knockdown established and heavy insect populations. Two applications may be required to achieve control; retreat if needed and as directed on this label. Tank mix this product with other insecticides as recommended for knockdown of pests or for improved control of other pests.

• DO NOT apply this product, by any application method, to linden, basswood or other Tilia species in the state of Oregon.
• DO NOT allow this product to contact plants in bloom if bees are foraging the treatment area.
• DO NOT make a foliar application of any chloronicotinyl insecticide for resistance management purposes following a soil application of this product on the same crop.
• DO NOT use this product on commercial sod farms.
• DO NOT allow livestock to graze in treated areas or use clippings from treated areas for feed or forage unless specified otherwise on this label.
• DO NOT apply this product to soils that are waterlogged or saturated.
• DO NOT allow runoff or puddling of irrigation water following application.
• DO NOT allow leachate to run off for the first 10 days after application or reduced efficacy may result.
• DO NOT exceed the total 8.6 oz. of this product (0.4 lb. of active ingredient)/Acre per year specified for the uses indicated on this label.

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