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SAVANA is an acid formulation of 2,4-0 in a micro-emulsion forming concentrate
(MFC) , Acidifying agents and/or other additives are required for use with this product. Best results will be obtained when SAVANA is applied during warm weather to young weeds that are actively growing under good moisture conditions, Lowest recommended rates will generally be satisfactory on susceptible annual weed seedlings, For listed perennial or biennial weeds and under certain conditions such as drought or cool temperatures where control is difficult, the higher recommended rates may be required, In general, only weeds emerged at the time of application will be affected.
When SAVANA' is used for weed control in actively' growing crops, then gowth stage
afthe crop must be considered, Proper timing is required to obtain maximum crop tolerance and to avoid crop injury: Weed control and crop tolerance of this prosluct may. be alfectedby local conditions, crop. varieties,' cultural practices; application methods and other factors, USers should consult Agricultural Extension Services, agricultural experiment stations, university weed specialists, seed companies or other qualified crop advisors for inlormation pertaining to local use, In general, weed control and crop tolerance will be' best when plants have neither too Httle nor excessive moisture before or aiter application, and the crop is not under other stresses, Certain states have regulations which may affect the use of this product. Contact your state pesticide authority for additional information, 

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