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SCALA brand SC Fungicide is a sprayable, -foliar fungicide for control of certain plant diseases on: Almonds, Bulb Vegetables, Ginseng, Grapes including small fruit vine climbing subgroup except fuzzy Kiwifruit, Lemons, Stone Fruits (Except Cherries), Pistachios, Pome Fruits, Potatoes and Other Tuberous and Corm Vegetables, Strawberries including low growing berry subgroup and Tomatoes. See HOW TO USE directions for a complete list of all crops approved for use. Use of SCALA BRAND SC FUNGICIDE should be integrated into an overall disease, pest management, or IPM program. SCALA BRAND SC FUNGICIDE may be used with disease forecasting or Extension advisory programs that recommend application timings based on environmental factors favorable to disease development. Consult with your local agricultural authorities for IPM strategies established for your area.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Almonds9 - 18 fl oz30
Pistachios9 - 18 fl oz30
Onions9 - 18 fl oz7
Garlic9 - 18 fl oz7
Pearl onions9 - 18 fl oz7
Potatoes7 - 18 fl oz7
Shallots9 - 18 fl oz7
Chives9 - 18 fl oz7
Kurrat9 - 18 fl oz7
Leeks9 - 18 fl oz7
Beltsville bunching onions9 - 18 fl oz7
Shallots9 - 18 fl oz7
Ginseng18 fl oz30
Grapes9 - 18 fl oz7
Gooseberries9 - 18 fl oz7
Kiwifruit9 - 18 fl oz7
Maypop9 - 18 fl oz7
Schisandra9 - 18 fl oz7
Lemons18 fl oz7
Apricots9 - 18 fl oz30
Nectarines9 - 18 fl oz30
Peaches9 - 18 fl oz30
Plums9 - 18 fl oz30
Damson9 - 18 fl oz30
Plumcot9 - 18 fl oz30
Mirabelle prune9 - 18 fl oz30
Apples5 - 10 fl oz72
Pears5 - 10 fl oz72
Crabapples5 - 10 fl oz72
Loquat5 - 10 fl oz72
Hawthorn5 - 10 fl oz72
Quince5 - 10 fl oz72
Sweet potatoes7 fl oz7
Arracacha7 fl oz7
Arrowroots7 fl oz7
Artichokes7 fl oz7
Cassava7 fl oz7
Chayote7 fl oz7
Chufas7 fl oz7
Taro, dasheen7 fl oz7
Ginger7 fl oz7
Leren7 fl oz7
Tumeric7 fl oz7
Bean yam7 fl oz7
True yam7 fl oz7
Bearberries9 - 18 fl oz14
Bilberries9 - 18 fl oz14
Blueberries9 - 18 fl oz14
Cloudberries9 - 18 fl oz14
Cranberries9 - 18 fl oz14
Lingonberries9 - 18 fl oz14
Muntries9 - 18 fl oz14
Strawberries9 - 18 fl oz14
Tomatoes7 fl oz14