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SEDGEHAMMER PLUS is a selective herbicide for post-emergence control of sedges such as purple and yellow nutsedge in established lawns, ornamental turfgrass, landscaped areas and commercial ornamental production nurseries. SEDGEHAMMER PLUS can be used to selectively control Kyllinga species and certain broadleaf weeds (see chart). SEDGEHAMMER PLUS may be applied to commercial and residential turf and on other non-crop sites including: airports, cemeteries, fallow areas, golf courses, landscaped areas, public recreation areas, residential property, roadsides, school grounds, sports fields, landscaped areas with established woody ornamentals, container and field nurseries fairgrounds, race tracks, tennis courts, campgrounds and rights-of-way.

Weeds can develop resistance to herbicides. Some weed biotypes have inherent resistance to certain herbicides. Also, repeated use of herbicides with similar modes of action can result in the development of resistance in weed populations. SEDGEHAMMER PLUS, a member of the sulfonylurea family, is an ALS enzyme inhibiting herbicide. To minimize the potential for resistance development and/or to control resistant weed biotypes, use a variety of cultural, mechanical, and chemical weed control tactics. Rotate with herbicides having other modes of action (e.g. non-ALS/AHAS materials). Contact your professional crop advisor, local cooperative extension specialist, or Canyon Group, LLC representative for additional information.

For optimum results, do not mow turf for 2 days before or 2 days after application.
This product is effective if no rainfall occurs within 3 hours, but best result are obtained with no rainfall or irrigation for at least 4 hours.
This product may be used on seeded, sodded, or sprigged turfgrass that is well established. Allow the turf to develop a good root system and uniform stand before application.
Treated areas may be overseeded with annual or perennial ryegrass or bermudagrass, 2 weeks after application.
Avoid application of SEDGEHAMMER PLUS when turfgrass or nutsedge is under stress since turf injury and poor nutsedge control may result.
Do not apply as an over-the-top spray to desirable flowers, ornamentals, vegetables, shrubs or trees. Annual and perennial herbaceous ornamentals, including color plants, may be injured when transplanted into landscaped areas treated with SEDGEHAMMER PLUS.
Do not apply this product to golf course putting greens.
Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system. Do not apply this product by air