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Read all label directions before using.
SINISTER is a selective herbicide which may be applied pre plant surface, preemergence and/or postemergence for control or partial control of broad leaf weeds, grasses and sedges in cotton, dry beans, potatoes, snap beans and soybeans.

Preplant Surface and Preemergence Applications
Certain germinating broad leaf weeds, grasses and sedges can be controlled or partially controlled by soil residual activity from either preplant surface or preemergence applications of SINISTER. Moisture is necessary to activate SINISTER in soil for residual weed control. Dry weather following applications of SINISTER may reduce effectiveness. When adequate moisture is not received after a SINISTER application, weed control may be improved by overhead irrigation with at least a % inch of water.

Postemergence Applications
SINISTER is generally most effective when used postemergence, working through contact action. Therefore, emerged weeds must have thorough spray coverage for effective control. Best broad-spectrum postemergence control of susceptible broadleaf weeds is obtained when SINISTER is applied early to actively growing weeds. This usually occurs within 14 to 28 days after planting. Refer to the weed control tables for specific recommendations on weed growth stages and rates. Some bronzing, crinkling or spotting at labeled crop leaves may occur following postemergence applications, but labeled crops soon outgrow these effects and develop normally.

Soil Characteristics
Application of SINISTER to soils with high organic matter and/or high clay content may require higher rates than soils with low organic matter and/or low clay content. Refer to the SINISTER Regional Use Map, weed control tables, and specific crop use sections for recommendations on use rates based on soil texture.

Environmental and Agronomic Conditions
Always apply SINISTER under favorable environmental conditions that promote active weed growth. Avoid applying SINISTER to weeds or labeled crops which are under stress from drought, extreme temperatures, excessive water, low humidity, low soil fertility, mechanical or chemical injury as reduced weed control and/or increased crop injury may result.

SINISTER requires a 1 hour rain-free period for best results when applied postemergence. Cultivation Cultivation prior to postemergence application is not recommended. Cultivation may put weeds under stress, reducing weed control. Timely cultivation 1-3 weeks after applying SINISTER may assist weed control.

Information on Weed Resistance
Naturally occurring biotypes of certain broadleaf species with resistance to this herbicide and related products (same mode of action) are known to exist. Selection of resistant biotypes, through repeated use of these herbicides, may result in control failures.

Disclaimer: Always refer to the label on the product before using or any other product. If poor performance cannot be attributed to adverse weather conditions or improper application methods, a resistant biotype may be present. In such a case, additional treatments with this herbicide or similar mode of action products are not recommended. Consult your local company representative or agricultural advisor for assistance.

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