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It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.Read all Directions for Use carefully before applying. Only use for sites,  pests, and application methods specified on this labeling.  For use only in the state of California. Do not apply this product in a way that will contact workers or other persons, either directly or through drift. Only protected handlers may be in the area during application. For any requirements specific to your State or Tribe, consult the agency responsible for pesticide regulation.

Do not apply more than the allowed amount of SPARTAN CHARGE CAL per acre per twelve-month period as stated in the Maximum Use Rate Table. The twelve-month period is considered to begin upon the initial SPARTAN CHARGE CAL application. Endangered Species: It is a Federal offense to use any pesticide in a manner that results in the death of an endangered species. Use of this product may pose a hazard to endangered or threatened species. When using this product, you must follow the measures contained in the Endangered Species Protection Bulletin for the county in which you are applying the product. To obtain Bulletins, no more than six months before using this product, consult or call 1-800-447-3813. You must use the Bulletin valid for the month in which you will apply the product.

SPARTAN CHARGE CAL is a selective herbicide that provides postemergent contact and soil residual weed control. SPARTAN CHARGE CAL may be applied as a burndown prior to planting, early preplant, or as a preemergent application before or after weedemergence for control of susceptible broadleaf weeds. SPARTAN CHARGE CAL is a 3.5 pound per gallon suspoemulsion containing the active ingredients carfentrazone-ethyl and sulfentrazone. Applications of SPARTAN CHARGE CAL must be made before crop seed germination to prevent injury to the emerging crop seedlings. When applications after planting are delayed, injury may occur if seeds are germinating or if they are located near the soil surface.
Observe all instructions, crop restrictions, mixing directions, application precautions, replanting directions, rotational crop guidelinesand other label information of  each product when tank mixing with SPARTAN CHARGE CAL. In addition to general application information, refer to the specific directions of use for a particular crop/use pattern as set forth below.
Proper Handling Instructions
This product may not be mixed or loaded within 50 feet of any wells (including abandoned wells and drainage wells), sink holes, perennial or intermittent streams and rivers, and natural or impounded lakes and reservoirs. This setback does not apply to properly capped or plugged abandoned wells and does not apply to impervious pad or properly diked mixing/loading areas. Operations that involve mixing, loading rinsing, or washing of this product into or from pesticide handling or application equipment or containers within 50 feet of any well are prohibited unless conducted on an impervious pad constructed to withstand the weight of the heaviest load that may be positioned on or moved across the pad. Such a pad shall be designed and maintained to contain any product spills or equipment leaks, container or equipment rinse or wash water, and rainwater that may fall on the pad. Surface water shall not be allowed to either flow over or from the pad, which means the pad must be self contained. The pad shall be sloped to facilitate material removal. An unroofed pad shall be of sufficient capacity to contain at a minimum 110% of the capacity of the largest pesticide container or application equipment on the pad. A pad that is covered by a roof of sufficient size to completely exclude precipitation from contact with the pad shall have a minimum containment capacity of 100% of the capacity of the largest pesticide container or application equipment on the pad. Containment capacities as described above shall be maintained at all times. The above specific minimum containment capacities do not apply to vehicles when delivering pesticide shipments to the mixing/loading site. States may have in effect additional requirements regarding wellhead setbacks and operational containment. Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system. Do not use flood irrigation to apply or incorporate this product. This product must be used in a manner which will prevent back siphoning into wells, spills or improper disposal of excess pesticide,  spray mixtures or rinsates.

SPARTAN CHARGE CAL is to be mixed with water, liquid fertilizer, or mixtures of water and liquid fertilizer and applied in fallow systems or as a preplant burndown or preemergence herbicide to labeled crops. SPARTAN CHARGE CAL provides postemergent contact and soil residual control of susceptible weed species.
Emerged, susceptible broadleaf weeds are easiest to control when they are small (less than 3 inches tall) and actively growing. Thorough coverage is essential for control of small susceptible broadleaf weeds. If thorough coverage is not achieved postemergent weed control will be poor. Always use the higher application rate of this product, for the appropriate soil texture and organic matter, when weed growth is dense or heavy, or when weeds are growing in an undisturbed or non-cultivated area. Reduced weed control may occur if weeds are experiencing drought stress, disease or insect damage, or when weeds are thickly covered with dust. For control of weeds not listed on this label SPARTAN CHARGE CAL may be tank-mixed with other herbicides such as glyphosate. Read and follow all manufacturers’ label directions for the companion herbicide(s) except for specific use directions on this label. The use of a quality spray adjuvant is required for optimum control of emerged weeds. Refer to the individual crop sections of this label for specific adjuvant type and use rates. The residual activity of SPARTAN CHARGE CAL applications requires adequate moisture for herbicidal activation. The amount of residual activity is dependent on several factors. These factors include, but are not limited to, existing soil moisture at application, soil type, organic matter, and tilth. Where irrigation is not available and rainfall has not provided activation, particularly for surface applications of SPARTAN CHARGE CAL, a shallow incorporation (less than 2”) is recommended for destruction of any existing weeds and to incorporate SPARTAN CHARGE CAL. Herbicide incorporation will initiate the process of activation with existing soil moisture. In circumstances where rainfall has not occurred and/or irrigation is not possible, alternative or additional weed management practices may be required.
Under normal growing conditions, SPARTAN CHARGE CAL exhibits excellent crop safety. Soil applications of SPARTAN CHARGE CAL must be made before crop seed germination to prevent injury to the emerging crop seedlings. SPARTAN CHARGE CAL applied after crop emergence will cause severe injury to the crop. Poor growing conditions, such as excessive moisture, cool temperatures, and soil compaction or the presence of various pathogens may impact seedling vigor. Under these conditions, the active ingredients in SPARTAN CHARGE CAL can contribute to crop response. Refer to the specific directions of use for a particular crop/use pattern as set forth below for additional information.

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