Thiabendazole 4.1 FL AG

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THIABENDAZOLE 4.1 FL AG is a systemic fungicide which aids in the control of many important plant diseases. If treatment is not effective following use of THIABENDAZOLE 4.1 FL AG as recommended, a tolerant strain of fungus may be present. Consideration should be given to prompt use of other suitable non-benzimidazole fungicides. THIABENDAZOLE 4.1 FL AG is not for use in formulating agricultural products.

Clean equipment before using THIABENDAZOLE 4.1 FL AG. When THIABENDAZOLE 4.1 FL AG is dispersed in water, the resulting suspension must be constantly agitated. Avoid foaming.
Use the higher recommended rates under conditions of heavier disease pressure for citrus sprays and soybean treatments. \
Compatibility information for THIABENDAZOLE 4.1 FL AG with other chemicals is limited. Consult your supplier or agricultural experiment station for specific recommendations. Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system.

Botrytis Cinerea Gray Mold and Sderotinia sclerotiorum (Sclerotinia Rot): Dip carrots, before storage, for 5-10 seconds in a suspension containing 41 fl. oz. of THIABENDAZOLE 4.1 FL AG per 100 gals, of water. "Replenish the suspension when the volume is too low or when it becomes dirty. The runoff and wastes from the dipping operation should not be discarded in a drainage which could contaminate public water systems. 

CITRUS (One Application Only) -
Blue mold (Penicillium digitatum), Green mold (Penicillium italicum), and stem end rot (Diplodia natalensis): Dip, flood, or spray harvested fruit with a suspension of product in water, wax/oil emulsion, or aqueous dilution of a wax/oil emulsion. Rate will vary according to application method; please refer to the following for specific rates for citrus blue mold control. Citrus Bin Dips, Floods and Drenches. Use 26 fl. oz. of product in 100 gallons of water to provide 1,000 ppm TBZ. Citrus must be drenched for three (3) minutes. Use one (1) gallon of diluted mixture per 1,500 - 2,000 Ibs. citrus or 100 gallons of diluted mixture for about 30 bins. Avoid excessive foaming, use antifoam if needed.

Citrus Sprays
Use 52 - 91 fl. oz. product in 100 gallons of water, wax/oil emulsions, or an aqueous dilution of wax/oil emulsion to provide 2,000 - 3,500 ppm of TBZ. Keep the mixture under constant agitation. Apply at a rate of one gallon per 8,000-10,000 Ibs. citrus fruit.
For sporulation control, apply 130 fl. oz. of product in 100 gal of water, wax/oil emulsion, or aqueous dilution of a wax/oil emulsion to provide 5000 ppm of thiabendazole. Apply at a rate of one gallon of diluted mixture per 8,000 - 10,000 Ibs citrus fruit.

MUSHROOMS (Agaricus spp.) -
Dry Bubble (Verticillium fungicola), Wet Bubble (Mycogone pernkiosa), Cobweb (Dactyliusn dendroides) and Green Mold (Trichoderma spp ): ,
Addition to mushroom supplements -
To a finished batch of mushroom supplement, add up to 0.1% active ingredient (by weight) of THIABENDAZOLE 4.1 FLAG. 
Applying to mushrooms 
Apply THIABENDAZOLE 4.1 FL AG as a drench during normal watering operations. Apply at spawning, casting, and between breaks. Up to 8 fl. oz./l,000 sq, ft can be applied at casting while a maximum of 4 fl. oz./l,000 sq. ft. can be applied at the other timings. Do not apply more than 20 fl. oz./l,000 sq. ft. of  THIABENDAZOLE 4.1 ;FL AG per crop unless a supplement containing THIABENDAZOLE 4.1 FL AG has been used. If the supplement contains thiabendazole, refer to table below for maximum amount that can be applied to a crop. Do not apply within 12 hours prior to harvest.

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