Thistrol Herbicide

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This product will provide safe and effective post-emergence control or suppression of Canada thistle In field peas. This product will also provide control or suppression of several annual broadleaf weeds such as common lambsquarters, pigweed, smartweed, sowthlstle, and mornlngglorles. Canada thistle is a particularly troublesome weed in pea fields, because it can reduce pea yields through competition, and because flower buds of the weed are difficult to remove from the harvested crop, resulting In loss of crop quality and reduced cash value to the grower.
This product will also provide suppression of field bindweed and other broadleaf weeds In mint that are listed on this label.
Apply only as a medium or coarser spray (ASAE standard 572) or a volume mean diameter of 300 microns or greater for spinning atomizer nozzles. A variety of factors including weather conditions (e.g., wind direction, wind speed, temperature, relative humidity) and method of application (e.g., ground, aerial) can Influence pesticide drift. The applicator and grower must evaluate all factors and make appropriate adjustments when applying this product.
WIND SPEED: Do not apply at wind speeds greater than 10 mph at the application site.
DROPLET SIZE: Apply as a medium or coarser spray (ASAE standard 572).
RELEASE HEIGHT (Ground Application): Apply using a nozzle height of no more than 4 feet above the ground or crop canopy.
RELEASE HEIGHT (Aerial Application): Do not release spray at a height greater than 10 feet above the ground or crop canopy.

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