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Treevix TM herbicide provides contact burndown broadleaf weed control (refer to Table 1 for weeds controlled).
Treevix does not control grass weeds and must be used sequentially or tank mixed with a grass herbicide for a complete weed control program. Refer to Crop-specific Information section for recommendations on herbicide tank mixtures or sequential programs.
Make burndown applications of Treevix when broadleaf weeds are small and actively growing. Burndown activity may be reduced on weeds previously mowed or cut. An adjuvant is required with Treevix for optimum burndown activity (refer to Additives section for details). Burndown activity may be slowed or reduced under cloudy and/or foggy or cooler weather conditions, or when weeds are growing under drought or other stress conditions. When targeting dense weed populations and/or larger broadleaf weeds, use higher spray volumes. Angling nozzles forward (to 45 degrees) may improve penetration of denser weed canopies.

Important: Always read and follow label instructions when buying or using this product.


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