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For burndown, preplant and preemergence weed control in soybeans.

DuPont TRIVENCE herbicide is a dispersible granule formulation to be mixed with water and sprayed for selective burndown plus residual weed control in soybeans. When applied according to the instructions on this label, it will control many broadleaf weeds and provide partial control of nutsedge and annual grasses. Crop injury may occur from applications made to poorly drained soils under cool, wet conditions. Risk of crop injury can be minimized by not using on poorly drained soils, planting at least 1.5 inches deep and completely covering seeds with soil prior to preemergence applications.
Residual control from TRIVENCE requires rainfall or sprinkler irrigation to activate the herbicide. Degree of control and duration of effect depend on: rate used, weed spectrum, growing conditions at and following time of treatment, soil pH, texture, organic matter, moisture and precipitation.
Best residual control is obtained if TRIVENCE is applied to moist soil and followed by rainfall or irrigation (~1”) before weeds germinate. Several small rainfalls of less than 1/4” each are not as beneficial as one large rainfall of 1/2-1”. On dry soil, more moisture is required for activation (1-2”) before weed emergence. If moisture is insufficient to activate the herbicide, a rotary hoeing or shallow cultivation should be made after emergence of the crop while weeds are small enough to be controlled by mechanical means. Deep cultivation reduces the effectiveness of TRIVENCE and should be avoided.

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