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It is a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.
Read entire label before using this product.

VELUM® PRIME is a broad-spectrum fungicide with preventative, systemic, and curative properties labeled for the control or suppression of certain crop diseases and soil plant pathogenic nematodes.


The active ingredient in VELUM PRIME belongs to the pyridinyl-ethyl-benzamides (Group 7). To maintain long-term effectiveness of this fungicide, follow the specific resistance management guidance listed at the bottom of each crop label. The following practices may delay the development of fungicide resistance.

Use sufficient water volume to provide thorough and uniform coverage to obtain the most effective disease control. Do not make applications when conditions favor drift. Avoid spraying when windy, high temperature, drought, dusty, low relative humidity, or temperature inversion conditions exist.

Chemigation Application
Apply this product only through center pivot, motorized-lateral move. Do not apply this product through any other type of irrigation system. Crop injury, lack of effectiveness, or illegal pesticide residues in the crop can result from non-uniform distribution of treated water. If you have questions about calibration, you should contact State Extension Service specialists, equipment manufacturers or other experts. A person knowledgeable of the chemigation system and responsible for its operation or under the supervision of the responsible person, shall shut the system down and make necessary adjustments should the need arise. The following application techniques are provided for user reference but do not constitute a warranty of fitness for application through sprinkler equipment.
Do not connect an irrigation system used for pesticide application to a public water system, unless the pesticide label prescribed safety devices for public water systems are in place. ‘Public water system’ means a system for the provision to the public of piped water for human consumption if such system has at least 15 service connections or regularly serves an average of at least 25 individuals daily at least 60 days out of the year. Chemigation systems connected to public water systems must contain a functional, reduced-pressure zone (RPZ), back flow preventer, or the functional equivalent in the water supply line upstream from the point of pesticide introduction. As an alternative to the RPZ, the water from the public water system should be discharged into a reservoir tank prior to pesticide introduction. There shall be a complete physical break (air gap) between the flow outlet end of the fill pipe and the top or overflow rim of the reservoir tank of at least twice the inside diameter of the fill pipe. The pesticide injection pipeline must contain a functional, automatic, quick-closing check valve to prevent the flow of fluid back toward the injection pump. Pesticide injection pipeline must contain a functional, normally closed, solenoid-operated valve located on the intake side of the injection pump and connected to the system interlock to prevent fluid from being withdrawn from the supply tank when the irrigation system is either automatically or manually shut down. The systems must contain functional interlocking controls, to automatically shut off the pesticide injection pump when the water pump motor stops, or in cases where there is no water pump, when the water pressure decreases to the point where pesticide distribution is adversely affected. Systems must use a metering pump, such as a positive displacement injection pump (e.g., diaphragm pump) effectively designed and constructed of materials that are compatible with pesticides and capable of being fitted with a system interlock.
Do not apply when wind speed favors drift. Spray mixture in the chemical supply tank must be agitated at all times, otherwise settling and uneven application may occur. Apply pesticide continuously for the duration of the water application. For mixing instructions, please refer to directions in the “Spray mixing and compatibility” section.

Begin with clean spray equipment and add one-half of the required amount of water to the spray or mixing tank and start agitation. Add the required quantity of fungicide and the tank-mix partner if applicable to the water and complete filling with water to the required total volume. Follow the recommendations of your State Cooperative Extension Service for tank mixing with other products. In general, follow the order beginning first with water conditioners, water soluble packaging (wait for it to completely dissolve), wettable powders and water-dispersible granular products, liquid flowables and suspension concentrates, emusifiable concentrates, and adjuvants last. Maintain agitation throughout spraying. Do not allow spray mixture to remain in the tank overnight, or for long periods during the day without agitation. When tank mixing with other pesticides, observe the more restrictive label limitations and precautions.
VELUM PRIME is physically compatible with most commonly used fungicide, herbicide, insecticide, and foliar nutrient products. However, the compatibility of VELUM PRIME with all potential tank-mix partners has not been fully investigated. If tank mixing with other pesticides is desirable, conduct a jar test with the volumes and rates typically used in agricultural application. Using a small container of water, add the proportionate amounts of the products: wettable powders and water-dispersible granular products first, then liquid flowables, and emusifiable concentrates last. After thoroughly mixing, let stand for at least 15 minutes. Look for signs of separation, globules, sludge, flakes, or other precipitates. Physical compatibility is indicated if the combination remains mixed or can be remixed readily.
The crop safety of all potential tank-mixes with VELUM PRIME has not been tested on all crops. Before applying any tank-mixture not specified on this label, safety to the target crop should be confirmed on a small portion of the crop to be treated to ensure an adverse response will not occur.

Do not apply more than the maximum yearly rate for each specific crop from any combination of products containing Fluopyram.

The following crops can be replanted immediately following the last application of VELUM PRIME:
Artichoke, globe; Berry, low growing, except cranberry, subgroup 13-07G; Brassica, Head and Stem, Subgroup 5A; Brassica Leafy Greens, Subgroup 5B; Bushberry subgroup 13-07B; Caneberry subgroup 13-07A; Carrot; Cherry subgroup 12-12A; Corn, field, grain; Corn, pop, grain; Corn, sweet; Cottonseed subgroup 20C; Dill seed; Fruit, citrus, group 10-10; Fruit, pome, group 11-10; Fruit, small vine climbing, except fuzzy kiwifruit, subgroup 13-07F; Ginseng; Grain, cereal, group 15 (except corn and rice); Herb subgroup 19A; Hop; Leafy greens subgroup 4A; Leaf petioles subgroup 4B (except watercress); Legume Vegetables (except cowpea and dried peas); Melon subgroup 9A; Nut, tree, group 14-12; Onion, bulb, subgroup 3-07A; Onion, green, subgroup 3-07B; Peach subgroup 12-12B; Plum subgroup 12-12C; Peanut; Pepper/Eggplant subgroup 8-10B; Rapeseed subgroup 20A; Soybean; Squash/Cucumber subgroup 9B; Sugarbeet, roots; Sunflower subgroup 20B; Tomato subgroup 8-10A; Vegetable, root, except sugarbeet, subgroup 1B and Vegetable, tuberous and corm, subgroup 1C.
Alfalfa can be planted after 14 days and sugarcane can be planted after 14 days in Region 3. Do not rotate to crops other than those listed above.

Do not contaminate water, food, or feed by storage or disposal.
Pesticide Storage: Store in original container and keep tightly closed when not in use. Store in a cool dry place. Avoid cross-contamination with other pesticides.

Read the entire Directions for Use, Conditions, Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitations of Liability before using this product. If terms are not acceptable, return the unopened product container at once.
By using this product, user or buyer accepts the following Conditions, Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitations of Liability.
CONDITIONS: The directions for use of this product are believed to be adequate and must be followed carefully. However, it is impossible to eliminate all risks associated with the use of this product. Crop injury, ineffectiveness or other unintended consequences may result because of such factors as weather conditions, presence of other materials, or the manner of use or application, all of which are beyond the control of Bayer CropScience. All such risks shall be assumed by the user or buyer.


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