African boxthorn

Lycium ferocissimum

Intricately branched shrub to 4 m high with long, rigid branches; lateral branches leafy, ending in stout spines.

Leaves usually clustered, obovate to elliptic, usually 10–40 mm long and 4–10 mm wide; lamina slightly fleshy, glabrous, green.

Pedicels 5–16 mm long. Calyx 4–7 mm long; split irregularly once or twice in fruit. Corolla 10–12 mm long, pale lilac or white towards limb, lobes lilac in centre; limb strongly reflexed. Stamens 5, exserted for 2–4 mm.

Berry globose to broad-ovoid, 5–10 mm diam., dull orange-red; seeds 35–70